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There is something about lace that just screams classic wedding dress. Lace has a timeless feel to it, and can easily be incorporated into vintage style weddings. However, just because a dress is lace does not mean that it can’t be modern. If you are a bride who thinks of your grandmother’s old doily when you think of a lace dress, take a look at these fresh designs and the ways in which modern brides are wearing them today.

Martina Liana 1022
Martina Liana 1022

This wedding dress features a mix of modern floral lace and lattice. The lattice pattern gives the dress an architectural inspired style paired with more organic, leaf style lace. These unique patterns give this wedding dress rich dimension and makes it feel a bit edgier than typical lace dresses. Pair this look with a sheer train or cape for even more bridal drama.

Martina Liana 1137

Perfect for a boho bride, this wedding dress layers not only textures, but also silhouettes. The inner lining of this dress has layers of sequins and beaded tulle that fits close to the body, while the outer layers flow away from the body with an A-line cut, giving it movement. Delicate lace and vine-like floral patterns add rich dimension and stunning texture to this dreamy gown.

Essense of Australia D2642
Essense of Australia D2642

Mermaid lace wedding dresses will always be a popular choice for brides, but choosing a dress with a sheer bodice or 3-D effects is a great way to put a spin on this all time favorite look. This dress is the perfect mix of romance and sexy, and the sheer top allows you to go bold, without going overboard.

Martina Liana 1111
Martina Liana 1111

Sexy side cut outs and floating tattoo lace accentuate curves and make this wedding dress a perfect choice for bride who want to show off her figure as she floats down the aisle. Hand placed lace appliques highlight your shape and show off your waistline. This dress is anything but your grandmother’s wedding dress.

Martina Liana 1128
Martina Liana 1128

Sheer shaped trains are all the rage right now, and make a bold fashion statement as you walk down the aisle. Graphic laces vary in opacity to add dimension to this sultry wedding dress. Laser cut crepe creates negative space elements that are both modern and sexy.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on lace, try out some of these new trends to wear lace like the modern, fashion forward bride that you are. These dresses pay homage to the past, look good in the present, and will be unforgettable in the future.

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Is there anything more romantic than a destination wedding? We think not. Nothing sounds more like a fairy tale than running off into the sunset, or to the mountain top, with the love of your life. While destination weddings can be adventurous and enchanting, they take a different kind of coordination than traditional weddings, and choosing the right wedding dress is part of that planning. Take a look at these four wedding dresses that we think would be perfect for the destination bride.

Martina Liana Separates, Cayla + Sidney

Martina Liana Separates, Cayla + Sidney

This wedding dress is actually two pieces, making it the perfect combination of romance and glam! The top adds just the right amount of sparkle and the skirt features soft ruching that effortlessly shows off your curves. Not only are the separates universally flattering, they travel very well and are easy to wear again! Imagine wearing the top again on your honeymoon with a shorter skirt!

Essense of Australia, D2741

Essense of Australia, D2741

This wedding gown features a cotton lace bodice that gives off a casual feel and a crepe chiffon skirt that is light and flowing. The lace’s unique floral pattern is organic and botanical, making this dress perfect for a wedding on the sea or in the mountains.

Martina Liana, 1025

Martina Liana, 1025

For the perfect balance of sexy and romantic, try a fitted silhouette made of crepe with lace detailing. The crepe fabric shapes the body, and the sheer lace cut outs on the sides show off your figure. The asymmetrical lace throughout this wedding dress adds an air of whimsy and the sheer shaped train is not only beautiful, it’s also light weight!

Essense of Australia, D2523

Essense of Australia, D2523

The soft french tulle skirt and sheer bodice make this beaded beach wedding dress ultra dreamy. The flowing skirt gives off a relaxed vibe and the plunging v neckline and matching side cut outs add a touch of sexiness, while the floral beading radiates femininity.

No matter what dress you choose or if you decide to have a local or destination wedding, remember the most important thing about any wedding dress is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful on your big day. 

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The newest collection from Essense of Australia is filled with stunning silhouettes, breathtaking details, and incredible designs.

While bohemian wedding dresses have always been a part of the Essense of Australia aesthetic, this newest collection kicks it up a notch. Find whimsical, botanical inspired lace paired with asymmetrical necklines and ornate trains to create truly magical wedding gowns.


These wedding dresses feel truly one of a kind, with unique detailing in multiple layers of fabric and beading. Architectural elements come together with soft, floral lace to create never before seen designs.


Sleeves will continue to be trend from this designer, with long illusion lace sleeves for traditional brides, or draped off the shoulder sleeves for modern, fashion-forward brides.




For the first time ever, the blending of two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity, has been named the color of the year. Described by Pantone as “an inherent balance between a warm, embracing rose tone and a cooler, tranquil blue” this pairing is designed to create a warm, relaxing environment.


If you’re looking for a color palette that really pops, and will have people talking for ages, this is definitely the one for you! Here are a few of our favorite color of the year inspirations:


First things first, the focal point of the whole wedding: YOU! Wearing a dress that is rose tone, instead of the traditional white, is sure to turn heads and drop jaws! This is one fashion choice that will leave your guests breathless.

One of the easiest way to incorporate this amazing blend of colors is in your (and your maids!) bouquet! Any florist should be able to tell you which flowers can come in these colors. Hint: A lot of flowers can be dyed…don’t forget to ask!


Look at how great your ladies could look in these amazing colors! The combination gives the whole party a romantic, almost angelic vibe!

So mix and match bridesmaids aren’t really your thing? No problem! You could dress the girls in Serenity and give them Rose Quartz flowers (like above), or let them pick an amazing rose dress and some soft blue shoes. The possibilities are basically endless!

Cant’t get enough Serenity and Rose Quartz? Check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration!

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Essense of Australia is a designer with a strong emphasis on detail and pristine quality that sets them apart from other designers. The Essense gowns have a European influence that makes them unique and sets them apart from the rest! They are all designed in Australia by a team of skilled and practiced experts.  An Essense gown can be told apart by the rest by their craftsmanship.  Only authentic Swarvoski crystals are used to make the dresses gleam with the added touch of diamantes.


If timeless lace is what you’re looking for but do not want to compromise your love for a little bling, Essense incorporates beautiful lace over gorgeous lustre satin to create that wow affect.  But even better are the crystal buttons, so when you turn, the entire dress leaves a lasting impression. Essense so creatively gives their dresses illusion embellishment for that touch of sparkle.

Essense also enjoys the simplicity style of a dress that showcases the true beauty of a bride.  Where she wears the dress with confidence and the dress does not wear her.  These dresses offer a versatile way to be worn, where you can still accessorize and give it that touch of sparkle if that is what you’re looking for. A beautiful way to do this is a stunning sash that can be worn the entire day or just for the ceremony or reception.  It offers brides options to create the vision they have always seen for themselves.  Dolce Satin is elegant and chic.  You can never go wrong with it.  They are structured to fit a women’s body just right and help her to create the perfect shape.

Minimalism never looked so good.  Want to leave your guests in complete awe? Essense created some of the most stunning minimalist gowns.  They are the type to hug a women’s body in every right way.  To show off the stunning curvature of her frame.  Bringing in romantic touches with the long cascading train and illusion back that helps create stunning silhouette.  These are amazing options for all brides, as Essense tries to line the dresses in thin lines to create the appearance that the dress isn’t swallowing the bride, even if she is petite.


581 Martina Lianasm350px

For generations lace wedding gowns have been a timeless go-to for brides, over the years the cut, silhouette and build of dresses has changed but designers turn to lace to add a traditional aspect to their collection. With so many varieties of lace, ranging from delicate to dazzling, seen on almost everyone from Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian; how do you know what type of lace is right for you? 

The most popular and traditional type of lace is Chantilly lace; characterized by its boulder outline of the floral pattern, scalloped edging and eyelashes, this type of lace is typically made of silk. This lace has been most used since as far back as the 17th Century, and was one of the four laces used on Kate Middleton’s famous wedding gown. Chantilly lace ranges in price due to the amount of silk blends used these days, the more silk the most costly. Silk being a very delicate fabric, needs to be not only handled properly through the alterations process but also properly preserved in order to prevent discoloration and tearing. 

Another vintage lace that has become prominent in bridal fashion is Alençon lace. Featuring rose patterns with raised cording, however much softer than Chantilly, feeling similar to cotton backed by netting. This is typically the laced used for appliques throughout a gown or veil. This type of lace is perfect for adding to a gown, either as appliques or edging, it can be used for your veil or headpiece as well. Also a very recognizable lace, used in bridal fashion for centuries, a truly traditional piece. 

A more modern lace, newly introduce this season is cotton lace. This is a much thicker lace, adding a bohemian chic look to gowns. Typically a more European style cotton lace, which looks completely different than its competition, with its bulky patterns ranging from floral to abstract. This is also a very soft lace, as it is made of cotton. A more fashion forward lace, adding structure to gowns, creating a better fit than some of its more delicate counterparts. 



Weddings have so many traditions, it can sometimes be difficult to remember them all; so which ones should you keep up with and which ones to pass on? Here are our recommendations! 
Essense of Australia's bold and elegant gown features a figure-flattering asymmetrical ruched bodice, and billowing layers of Royal Organza throughout its A-Line skirt.
Definitely wear a wedding gown! As frugal as some brides are, passing up wearing a wedding gown is not recommended. You don’t need to go with the huge ball gown, but you do want to wear something that lets you stand out and shine on your big day; you want to be noticeable in the crowd, so look for something that compliments your style, makes a statement and is you times two! Note that you don’t need to keep the tradition of wearing white, in fact majority of brides wear ivory or champagne as it is more flattering to most skin tones, giving you that bridal glow instead of a washed out drab. This fall, blush pink is our go-to, it’s allure and romance is stunning and unique creating a memorable statement. 
 Cool wedding photo
Veils and blushers were originally used to ward off evil spirits for a new bride, these days wearing a veil is personal preference. There are so many options for accessories, depending on your gown, venue and theme, you may choose to not wear a veil. You may have always imagined yourself wearing the whole bridal ensemble, but if a veil just doesn’t seem to look right, or makes you feel silly, don’t worry, it’s not a must these days. If you do decide to keep this tradition remember, your accessories should complete the look, not BE the look. You don’t want to over accessorize, taking away from your face or not looking like yourself can give you regrets once your pictures come back. 
Sapphire Blue Crystal Teardrop Earrings in by CJRoseBoutique, $38.00 'Something blue' If these were pink they'd be perfectLight Blue Nails. Perfect for your something blue! #wedding #somethingblue
One tradition we love? Something blue! We adore the lovely blue shoes or touch of blue in the accessories. This tradition is so sweet, symbolizing purity, love and fidelity; but to us it is much more stylish. A little pop of color adds fun and excitement to your look. A hint of blue in earrings will bring attention up to your face, also adding detail to portrait photos. Blue shoes makes for some adorable photos as well, it also peaks through as you walk down the isle, taking the eye from your perfectly manicured toes then up to your glowing face.