Why You Should Consider Buying off the Rack

Why You Should Consider Buying off the Rack

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress, there are lots of different avenues to go about finding the perfect gown! While it’s great to buy special ordered gowns, they can also take months to receive and there’s truly so much planning that goes into it. Our team at Bella Bridal Gallery in Michigan encourages our brides who are looking to find something quicker and more affordable to consider buying off the rack! 


What does “off the rack” mean? It means that the wedding dress you find can become the perfect dress that you take home with you that day, and for a discount! If you’re interesting in learning more about the benefits of buying off the rack, read on:



No Wait Time


Let’s say you’re planning for a short engagement and need to find a wedding dress as soon as you possibly can. With purchasing a wedding gown off the rack, you don't have to worry about potential shipping delays or ordering online. You can take your dress home the same day if you fall in love with it in our store.


Save Money


If you buy a wedding dress off the rack, those dresses are usually discounted! There’s always a range of discounts available, but some gowns can be bought up to 70 percent off the retail price - what a steal! 


Minimal to No Alterations


Buying off the rack means that you’ll get to see exactly what your wedding dress will look like on your wedding day. Some brides will need to get their dress altered depending on certain aspects of the fit, but ultimately, there are a lot less involved when it comes to buying off the rack! 


We understand how important it is to find a dress that you absolutely love and feel comfortable purchasing! If you’re ready to find a gorgeous off the rack dress, visit us at Bella Bridal Gallery in Michigan. Book an appointment with us today!