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The secret’s out-we’re hosting a Martina Liana Trunk Show this month! If you’re still on the hunt for the wedding dress of your dreams, you’re in luck! From November 27th through December 5th, we will have additional styles in the store to preview featuring the couture craftsmanship and detailing that you have come to love from Martina Liana!

What Is The Designer Preview Trunk Show?

From November 27th – December 5th, we will have a specially curated selection of never-before-seen Martina Liana wedding dresses at our store for brides to try on and purchase. These are regular try on appointments where a larger selection of dresses, which haven’t been featured at any other store, will be available. These exclusive new designs will only be available during this time.

Do I Need An Appointment To Attend?

Yes! Appointments are required for this event. Because we will be viewing the newest designs, it’s important to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Can I Buy A Preview Dress Off-The-Rack?

Unfortunately, No. These wedding dresses are designer preview samples that must be sent back to the company once the trunk show has ended. All of the featured dresses are special order wedding gowns. They require a minimum of six months to be ordered, so make sure you start shopping early in order to qualify!

What Size Are The Trunk Show Dresses

Most of the dress samples will be bridal size 10, however they can be special ordered from size 2-28 for your special day. Our professional consultants can clip and extend dresses to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes. This will give you an accurate idea of how the dresses will fit in your size. We do also carry additional plus size samples in sizes up to 26.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

All appointments can be booked online through our website here: Book now to reserve your spot for an experience you will cherish long after you say “I do.” Hurry… space is limited, and your dream dress awaits!


Congratulations on your engagement! As a new bride to be, one of the most exciting things to do is to shop for your wedding dress, and we’re here to help. We’re bringing you the latest fashion trends during the month of October during these exclusive designer trunk shows!

Designers send select samples from their newest collections to our store for brides to try on and purchase during trunk show events, so they are only here for one weekend. They are regular wedding gown try on appointments with a larger selection of new dresses available. Trunk shows are great for brides who are ready to purchase their wedding gown, since promotional pricing is applied to the dresses purchased that day, in addition to our newest Love At First Sight Promotion! This is for brides who fall in love with their dream wedding gown and purchase it that same day. (Ask us about then when you find a dress you love!) Check out our list of upcoming designer trunk shows for the month of October and what you can expect from each collection. See a designer you love? Click here to book your appointment!

Aire Barcelona (October 8-10)

Aire Barclona by Rosa Clara’s newest collection of wedding dresses is inspired by exclusive cities like Monaco, Barcelona and Nice. It showcases stunning patterns and has a unique sense of femininity and elegance. Each of their gowns feature trendy details which include hand stitched feathers, jeweled backs, and illusion fabrics. This collection is perfect for brides with a European sense of style.

Aire Royale (October 15-17)

Aire Royale wedding dresses are made with modern brides in mind.  With universal appeal and unmatched detailing, they are sure to wow you! These romantic wedding gowns offer one of a kind craftsmanship and design that is unparalleled to the rest.

Martina Liana (October 22-24)

From formal, elegant styles to sexy silhouettes with unique designer elements, Martina Liana’s newest collection has bold new designs made of lavish materials. These fashion forward gowns offer everything you could imagine in your dream wedding dress. Hand sewn laces create bespoke feeling wedding gowns with details that pop.

Essense of Australia (October 29-31)

Fresh fabrics, stunning shimmer, and refined minimalism are at the heart of Essense of Australia’s newest collection of wedding dresses. They are designed to reflect each bride’s personal style, and complement her natural beauty. These dresses have Essense of Australia’s signature timeless and romantic feel. Fresh textures and stunning new fabrics make them ideal for modern brides.

Are you just as excited as we are about these new collections? Make sure you book your appointment soon to sign up for one of these exclusive designer events! Spots are limited, and dresses are only here for a limited time.

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Bella Bridal Gallery has officially re-opened, and we are more excited than ever to help you find your dream wedding dress! With all of the changes that have happened, we understand that brides may be in a rush to get their wedding dresses, and we are here to help. In addition to helping you find the dress you’ve been dreaming of, our number one priority is the safety of our brides, their guests, and our staff. Here’s what to expect during your bridal appointment:

1. Appointments are required

While we have always tried our best to accommodate walk-ins, appointments are now required to enter the shop. We are sanitizing dressing rooms, seating areas, and high traffic spots in between appointments, so we need to know who is coming into the shop and when. You can book your appointment easily online here: or call us at 248-539-9800.

2. Masks are mandatory

Masks are mandatory for everyone entering the shop. Think of all of the stories you will tell your grandchildren when you explain to them that you were a “covid bride”. This may not be how you envisioned your wedding dress shopping, but we promise we will make your shopping experience unforgettably special.

3. Browsing welcome

You are still welcome to browse the gowns during your try on appointment, but if you are uncomfortable going through the dresses, your professional consultant will do the work for you. Your consultant will ask you what your style preferences are and pull gowns that meet your needs. They know the inventory like the back of their hand, and with a little bit of input from you, they can be sure to find your dream dress. Feel free to show us your Pinterest board for inspiration!

4. Have fun!

Despite all of the changes going on, your wedding dress shopping experience can still be fun and easy! You’ve been waiting a lifetime to marry the love of your life, and we will do everything in our power to make your experience memorable. If you’re ready to find your dream dress, book your appointment now and we will help you say YES!

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Randy Fenoli is one of the most trusted sources in the bridal industry. He has been helping brides say ‘yes’ to their dream wedding dresses since 2007. Now, with his own line of wedding dresses, we are bringing his designs to Michigan brides, exclusively in Metro Detroit at Bella Bridal Gallery. Randy understands that your wedding day is the most important day of your life. His collection of wedding dresses that we offer at Bella Bridal Gallery truly has something for every bride.

Randy’s mission is to “educate, elevate, and empower” brides to choose the most important dress of their lives. He helps each bride realize her own personal beauty, and showcases her best features to elevate her confidence. At Bella Bridal Gallery, we know that when you love what you are wearing, you feel more confident and it shows. That’s why we are excited to bring you Randy Fenoli’s Silver Springs and Beautiful Beginnings collections. These gorgeous wedding dresses are designed with beautiful fabrics and exquisite details to help each bride feel like her best self.

We are happy partner with Randy Fenoli to make each bride’s shopping experience unforgettable. We help brides realize their dream wedding dress, and hope to make everyone we come in contact with feel beautiful. You can book your appointment to try on some of these beautiful designer wedding dress by clicking on the link or call us at 248-539-9800, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the most important garment you will ever wear.

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Shopping for wedding dresses, whether you are just starting your search online or you’ve started trying on gowns, can be an overwhelming experience. With an abundance of lace, beading, sequins, and what seams like never-ending layers of fabric, it’s easy to think that “more is more” when it comes to wedding dresses. But, what if that’s just not “you”? If you fancy yourself more of a “less is more” kind of girl, there are still great wedding dress options for you, no matter what kind of style you are going for. These minimalist wedding dresses are simple, chic, and timeless. They must be made with the best quality materials and with the highest craftsmanship in order to truly shine. They are a great way to let your true beauty show without all of the bells and whistles.


These wedding dresses have daring necklines, angles, and cutouts. They are bold and unexpected, and make a statement in terms of their design.


Traditional wedding dresses are timeless and polished. They look very refined and sophisticated, never “plain” or boring. These wedding dresses have classic silhouettes and will remain stylish throughout the years. They are the true definition of never going out of style.


A full skirt and light layers can make any bride feel like a princess on her wedding day, not just sparkles and shine. This dress is fun and flirty without a stitch of lace or beading.


For the glamorous bride, minimalist wedding dresses really let the fabric do the talking. Make a statement with bold folds and manipulation of the fabric, or for a more feminine look, try adding a bow.


The modern bride is all about putting a fresh spin on a classic look. Unexpected details such a a sheer top on a classic ballgown or a plunging neckline and curve hugging seams add a contemporary element to simple silhouettes.


There is just so much to love about boho wedding dresses. They are often characterized by their effortless feel and unconventional detailing, such as a touch of crochet detail instead of traditional lace.

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Chances are, if you’ve started looking for wedding dresses, even if it’s just online, you’ve heard the terms, “A-line, ballgown, mermaid, and sheath” thrown around a fair amount of times. However, what’s really the difference between them all, and what shape will best suit you? Here, we will go over the differences between the major wedding dress shapes to help you determine which style will work best for you!


As its name suggests, A-line wedding dresses widen from the waist to the hem, creating an ‘A’ shape. This silhouette is classic and timeless, and is the most comfortable style to wear. It is flattering on every figure, and is the softer, more romantic version of it’s sister, the ballgown.

Randy Fenoli


The main difference between the A-line and the ballgown wedding dress is the amount of volume in the skirt. Ballgowns have a defined waistline and a big, billowy skirt. They are perfect for any bride looking to feel like a princess on her wedding day. If you are planning a dramatic, fairy tale wedding, a ballgown is a perfect dress choice.

Randy Fenoli

Drop Waist

The drop waist wedding dress has a fitted corset top like the ballgown, but they do not flare out at the natural waist. Instead, they flare out just below the hips creating an hourglass shape for the bride. This less common silhouette is a good choice for a bride hoping to create curves and show off her figure while still getting a voluminous skirt.


Mermaid wedding dresses are a great choice for brides who want to show off their hourglass shape, and who want to do it with drama. They are fitted all the way through the hips, and then flare out with volume at the bottom of the dress, typically at the knee. These dresses make a big statement, just like the ballgown does, but while also showing off your curves.


Just like A-line and ballgown wedding dresses are like two sides of the same coin, so are trumpet and mermaid gowns. The major difference between the two styles is where the dress flares out. The trumpet wedding dress flares above the knee, making it a softer silhouette. It is also a much more comfortable option than the mermaid, as the higher flare will allow more room to move, sit, and dance in your dress.

Fit and Flare

Fit and flare is the softest silhouette of the fitted wedding dresses. They have a very slight flare and are more subtle and subdued. These dresses are are very sophisticated and elegant, and will not overwhelm a more petite bride.


Sheath wedding dresses follow the natural shape of your body, without any added flare. They create an elongated look and tend to be very comfortable, thin dresses without too much structure, which is perfect for brides whose top priority is comfort. These dresses look effortless and relaxed, great for boho or beachy brides.

Aire Barcelona
Essense of Australia

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Whether you have had your dream dress in mind since you were a child playing dress up, or you haven’t even begun to think about your bridal style, wedding dress shopping is a totally unique experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ease your shopping and help you find a dress you are sure to love for years to come!


The material of your wedding dress can set the tone for your wedding. A heavy satin skirt may feel appropriate for a winter wedding, while flowy chiffon looks cool and effortless in the summer or for a beach wedding. You may want to choose silk for a formal affair, while tulle can feel whimsical and dreamy for a garden wedding.

Aire Barcelona

Train Length

Nothing complements a church wedding more than a long dramatic train. But what if you are having a more causal wedding? Choosing a shorter sweep train, or even having your dress hemmed floor length all the way around can make it easier to manage and feels less formal if you are planning something simple.

Martina Liana

Back Detail

When looking at dress details, don’t forget to consider the back of the dress as well as the front. Most guests will see your back while you are standing at the altar during the ceremony, and as you are walking down the aisle. This is a great way to to add an unexpected twist to your wedding dress, and add a unique element to your gown that stands out from the rest.

Randy Fenoli


Straps can make an impact on the overall vibe of your wedding. Whether you prefer spaghetti, cap, long sleeves or strapless, there are many sleeve options available for brides that can affect not only the look of the dress, but how comfortable you feel on your wedding day. A spaghetti strap or cap sleeve can give you more support and make you feel more secure if you are not comfortable wearing a strapless dress. Long sleeves provide extra coverage for more modest brides, but can be a bit warm to wear, so keep that in mind if you are getting married during warmer seasons.

Martina Liana
Randy Fenoli

Contemplate Color

An ivory or white wedding gown will always feel classic and timeless, but if you are looking to step away from tradition, considering a wedding dress with champagne or blush undertones could be the way to go. A hint of color can help a dress feel fresh, fun and whimsical.

Essense of Australia
Martina Liana

Comfort is Key!

We are firm believers that no bride should have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Keep in mind how different fabrics feel when you wear them. Which silhouettes make you feel the most comfortable and confident? Remember, no one ever looks as good as when they FEEL good, and on your wedding day you deserve to both look and feel like a rock star!

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Desert Chic

This is a popular theme among the ever growing number of boho brides. Desert chic relies on the landscape to enhance the mood of the wedding and can be embellished with details such as wooden accents and succulents. Boho brides add elegance to the desert landscape by incorporating bold patterns and lush layers of lace into their gowns.

Martina Liana #1147

This wedding dress, along with optional floor length sleeves, creates a carefree and romantic look that is perfect for a boho wedding.

Essense of Australia D2322

Graphic, organic edged lace makes a bold statement and adds a touch of elegance to a bohemian desert wedding.

Randy Fenoli Aphrodite

Randy Fenoli’s Aphrodite wedding dress combines a bold natural lace pattern with flutter sleeves giving it an organic and romantic feel.

Tropical Elegance

The tropical elegance theme appeals to brides who know that just because they are doing a destination wedding, doesn’t mean they have to look casual. This theme mixes lush and lavish elements with a tropical twist. It features lush floral patterns, luxurious textures, and gold accents.

Aire Beach Queral

This beachy beauty fromm Aire Barcelona’s Beach collection looks “easy breezy”, and is made from rich silk chiffon along with beaded French lace.

Martina Liana #1087

Layers of floral French lace and sequins make this wedding dress exceptionally magical. The soft laces flow into a dreamy tulle skirt that looks light and effortless.

Randy Fenoli Addison

The Addison wedding dress by Randy Fenoli is made of a lightweight fabric, which has a fresh and modern feel. The unique and bold lace pattern nods toward tropical floral designs and the flowing silk fabric is light and airy.

Roaring 20’s

What could be a better fit for a 2020 wedding than a roaring 20’s wedding theme? This theme is perfect for the bride who is all about glitz and glamour. Bold accessories, vintage decor, and ultra embellished gowns are a must for this theme. Think sequins and gold all the way.

Martina Liana #1078

Artfully placed lace shapes the body on this richly beaded wedding dress, and the dramatic shaped train makes a bold statement as you walk down the aisle.

Martina Liana #948

The high neckline and scrolling lace patterns alongside beaded lattice details give this wedding dress an Art Deco inspired feel that would be a perfect fit for a roaring 20’s wedding theme.

Randy Fenoli Antonella
Randy Fenoli Antonella

The heavy embellishments on the front and back of this wedding dress, paired with the rich crepe fabric scream “Old Hollywood Glam.”

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There is something about lace that just screams classic wedding dress. Lace has a timeless feel to it, and can easily be incorporated into vintage style weddings. However, just because a dress is lace does not mean that it can’t be modern. If you are a bride who thinks of your grandmother’s old doily when you think of a lace dress, take a look at these fresh designs and the ways in which modern brides are wearing them today.

Martina Liana 1022
Martina Liana 1022

This wedding dress features a mix of modern floral lace and lattice. The lattice pattern gives the dress an architectural inspired style paired with more organic, leaf style lace. These unique patterns give this wedding dress rich dimension and makes it feel a bit edgier than typical lace dresses. Pair this look with a sheer train or cape for even more bridal drama.

Martina Liana 1137

Perfect for a boho bride, this wedding dress layers not only textures, but also silhouettes. The inner lining of this dress has layers of sequins and beaded tulle that fits close to the body, while the outer layers flow away from the body with an A-line cut, giving it movement. Delicate lace and vine-like floral patterns add rich dimension and stunning texture to this dreamy gown.

Essense of Australia D2642
Essense of Australia D2642

Mermaid lace wedding dresses will always be a popular choice for brides, but choosing a dress with a sheer bodice or 3-D effects is a great way to put a spin on this all time favorite look. This dress is the perfect mix of romance and sexy, and the sheer top allows you to go bold, without going overboard.

Martina Liana 1111
Martina Liana 1111

Sexy side cut outs and floating tattoo lace accentuate curves and make this wedding dress a perfect choice for bride who want to show off her figure as she floats down the aisle. Hand placed lace appliques highlight your shape and show off your waistline. This dress is anything but your grandmother’s wedding dress.

Martina Liana 1128
Martina Liana 1128

Sheer shaped trains are all the rage right now, and make a bold fashion statement as you walk down the aisle. Graphic laces vary in opacity to add dimension to this sultry wedding dress. Laser cut crepe creates negative space elements that are both modern and sexy.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on lace, try out some of these new trends to wear lace like the modern, fashion forward bride that you are. These dresses pay homage to the past, look good in the present, and will be unforgettable in the future.

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Bohemian wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to feel dreamy and effortless on their wedding day. The fabrics are lightweight and often feature graphic lace detailing instead of traditional lace patterns. This makes them great for beach weddings, elopements, or even a romantic garden wedding. These are a few of our favorite boho wedding dresses of the moment! Now available at Bella Bridal!

Essesnse of Australia D2971
Essense of Australia D2971

This sheath wedding dress has a very laid back feel. The crepe chiffon skirt is light and romantic, giving it perfectly beachy-boho vibes. The bodice is layered with laces to show off the waistline and flatter any figure. The V-back features scalloped edges to give this modern dress a hint of tradition.

Martina Liana #1147
Martina Liana #1147

The matte cotton lace on this Martina Liana wedding dress gives this boho princess gown an earthy feel. It really pops against the soft French lace underneath. The linear Swiss dotting draws in the waistline and enhances the figure so that you can feel sexy and natural at the same time. This dress is giving us major carefree and romantic vibes.

Essense of Australia D2752
Essense of Australia D2752

The strapless, sweetheart neckline on this vintage-boho wedding dress features a rich cotton lace, which gives it a very organic feel. The mixed laces in the skirt have a unique linear design, and the A-line silhouette feels soft and whimsical. This gorgeous dress can be ordered in sizes from 2 to 32.

Essense of Australia D2680
Essense of Australia D2680

The V-neckline of this Essense of Australia wedding dress is highlighted with a subtle sparkle for an effortless shimmer. The combination of layered laces adds depth and dimension, while the vine-like botanical lace applique gives a hint of boho inspiration.

Randy Fenoli Aphrodite
Randy Fenoli Aphrodite

The bold lace pattern and detachable flutter sleeves make this Randy Fenoli wedding dress a striking and beautiful option for brides wanting a bohemian feel to their wedding gown. This dress hugs your curves and flatters the figure. While the dramatic lace pattern speaks to more eccentric brides, the flutter sleeves add a touch of flirty femininity.

Bohemian wedding dresses come in many different silhouettes and and flatter many different figures. Whether you prefer something understated and simple, or bold lace detailing throughout, there is a boho wedding dress for any bride. Book your appointment by clicking on the link. Try on these beautiful gowns and fall in love with the boho dress of your dreams.

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