Why You Should Buy a Wedding Dress By a Renowned Designer

Why You Should Buy a Wedding Dress By a Renowned Designer

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is no small feat. It involves careful planning, boutique visits, and a significant amount of time spent scrolling through Pinterest bridal inspiration boards. Occasionally, we find that brides will find the one, but then shy away from it due to its price tag, pushing them to seek alternative routes to bringing the dress of their dreams to life. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get your wedding dress from a renowned bridal designer. After all, this is the most cherished gown you’ll ever wear.


Buying a no-brand wedding dress runs the risk of your gown being made using cheaper fabrics, lower-grade embellishments, and without the personal aesthetic flair and artful eye of their original designers leading the way. 


Another method that we recommend brides avoid is hiring a seamstress to replicate a designer wedding dress using pictures. Again, there is nobody who understands the full vision and meaning behind a gown outside of its original designer. Although these alternatives may seem like sound financial decisions to getting a luxurious dress on a budget, the money you may save is not worth the risk of ending up with a bridal look that you aren’t in love with. 


At Bella Bridal Gallery, we carry a breathtaking selection of wedding dresses by some of the world’s most renowned designers, including Randy Fenoli, Martina Liana, Essense of Australia, and Rosa Clara, among others. 


Let us help you find the dress of your dreams. Book your appointment with Bella Bridal Gallery today!