What is a Bridal Market?

What is a Bridal Market?

What is a Bridal Market?. Mobile Image

Apr 18, 2013

We are very excited for the upcoming Bridal Market in New York this weekend!  But what exactly is a bridal market and what does it mean for current and future brides?  Bridal markets are hosted twice a year in different locations around the United States.  These two markets present the newest gown additions to a designer’s line that will be in production for the upcoming season.  Many renowned designers are present to show off their newest gowns and for established bridal salons across the nation to select new inventory for their stores.


Bridal markets are essential to the brick-and-mortar stores that find brides their dream wedding gowns.  These markets allow the shop to stay current with the latest styles and trends that are in demand for brides currently shopping for their wedding gowns.  It also makes the bridal salon a valuable commodity for future brides. By taking into account the constantly evolving fashion world, it ensures a bride that whenever she gets engaged a style that meets her taste will be able to purchase at a salon near her.


Be sure to check out our website to see what designers we carry and will be selecting new gowns for this weekend in New York!