Wedding Trends That Are Better In Theory Than In Practice

Wedding Trends That Are Better In Theory Than In Practice

Wedding Trends That Are Better In Theory Than In Practice. Mobile Image

Sep 11, 2017

The internet can be a bride’s very best friend when it comes to wedding planning, or it can be her worst enemy.  It is a great way to find wedding inspiration and ideas.  Here are a few popular trends that are pretty, but not quite practical.



Weddings held in barns or in the forest produce some of the most romantic, whimsical, and charming wedding photos. However, the work and money that goes in to creating those environments are often overlooked by brides.  


While these venues seem low maintenance, they often require much more planning than a more traditional venue.  You will often need to provide generators, bathrooms, and kitchen equipment in these settings, which can add unexpected costs.


Naked cakes are a huge hit, and a perfect cake for the ever popular rustic themed wedding…in theory.  Frosting a cake is as functional as it is sweet.  The frosting seals the cake and keeps it moist.  So while the naked cakes are beautiful, they tend to be dry and not very tasty.  For more contemporary settings, black cakes are becoming popular as well.  The cakes look stunning in photographs, but we won’t be able to say the same of your guest’s and your teeth if they are stained from the dye in the frosting.


Another popular wedding trend on the rise is non-traditional seating plans.  Perhaps you want to use hay bales or wooden benches instead of chairs.  This may be an easy option for your friends, but something very uncomfortable for a grandparent.  Weddings often include several generations of family members, and it’s important to be considerate of your different guest’s needs.


Mason jars can be found in surplus and can have various uses, such as vases, drinking glasses, candle holders and everything in between. This makes them a popular choice for wedding decor, but runs the risk of becoming a bit cliche. Be creative and put your own unique touch on these details. Consider going to thrift stores and picking out things that catch your eye. Mixing and matching different objects can add personality and charm to your venue.


These days, it’s easy to find DIY instructions for most things you can incorporate into your wedding (centerpieces, favors, card boxes, dessert tables), you name it, there’s probably a DIY for it.  The problem is that a lot of these tutorials require a lot of materials, and most of all, time.  This can easily become overwhelming, especially if you have a shorter engagement period.  If you deem yourself crafty, choose one small project instead of trying to do everything.