Wedding Gown Trains - What You Need To Know

Wedding Gown Trains - What You Need To Know

Wedding Gown Trains - What You Need To Know. Mobile Image

Aug 07, 2017


Wedding Dress trains are making more of a statement in many designer’s new collections.  They add intricate detail and bridal drama to your wedding gown, but which style is right for you?


Sweep: The sweep train is about 6 inches longer than the rest of the dress.  They are a great choice for brides who are getting married outdoors, since you won’t have to fuss with dragging a long train through the grass or up a hill.  They are lightweight and comfortable while still adding a touch of elegance.

Chapel: The chapel train is the most common in wedding dresses. They are typically between 12 and 18 inches long. They are a great way to add drama to a wedding gown and are still manageable in a number of different venues from barns to ballrooms.

Cathedral: Cathedral trains are much more formal.  At 22 inches or more longer than the skirt of the dress, they are excellent for a black tie wedding at an upscale venue.

Royal or Monarch: These are the longest train options available.  They extend 1 yard or more from the bottom of the dress and are incredibly regal. (Think Princess Diana or Kate Middleton.)


Regardless of which style you choose, make sure you ask a friend who doesn’t mind sitting down after you have walked down the aisle, or even your wedding planner or coordinator to fluff your train before you walk down the isle to make sure it looks its best.  Once you are at the altar, your maid of honor should should arrange your train before the ceremony begins.

After the ceremony and pictures, you will probably want to bustle the train so that you do not have to carry it around the whole  night, or worry about your guests stepping on it.  


The seamstress should build the bustle for you during alterations and show your bridesmaids how to properly secure it.  


Depending on the length and volume of the train, there will be a few (or many) buttons or ties that will keep the train up while still looking stylish so that you can dance the night away!