Top 5 Ways For Modern Brides To Wear Lace

Top 5 Ways For Modern Brides To Wear Lace

Top 5 Ways For Modern Brides To Wear Lace. Mobile Image

Aug 14, 2019

There is something about lace that just screams classic wedding dress. Lace has a timeless feel to it, and can easily be incorporated into vintage style weddings. However, just because a dress is lace does not mean that it can’t be modern. If you are a bride who thinks of your grandmother’s old doily when you think of a lace dress, take a look at these fresh designs and the ways in which modern brides are wearing them today.

Martina Liana 1022


This wedding dress features a mix of modern floral lace and lattice. The lattice pattern gives the dress an architectural inspired style paired with more organic, leaf style lace. These unique patterns give this wedding dress rich dimension and makes it feel a bit edgier than typical lace dresses. Pair this look with a sheer train or cape for even more bridal drama.

Martina Liana 1137


Martina Liana 1137


Perfect for a boho bride, this wedding dress layers not only textures, but also silhouettes. The inner lining of this dress has layers of sequins and beaded tulle that fits close to the body, while the outer layers flow away from the body with an A-line cut, giving it movement. Delicate lace and vine-like floral patterns add rich dimension and stunning texture to this dreamy gown.

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Mermaid lace wedding dresses will always be a popular choice for brides, but choosing a dress with a sheer bodice or 3-D effects is a great way to put a spin on this all time favorite look. This dress is the perfect mix of romance and sexy, and the sheer top allows you to go bold, without going overboard.

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If you’re looking for a fresh take on lace, try out some of these new trends to wear lace like the modern, fashion forward bride that you are. These dresses pay homage to the past, look good in the present, and will be unforgettable in the future.