The Top 3 Wedding Themes Of 2020 And The Wedding Dresses To Complement Them

The Top 3 Wedding Themes Of 2020 And The Wedding Dresses To Complement Them. Mobile Image

Aug 28, 2019


This is a popular theme among the ever growing number of boho brides. Desert chic relies on the landscape to enhance the mood of the wedding and can be embellished with details such as wooden accents and succulents. Boho brides add elegance to the desert landscape by incorporating bold patterns and lush layers of lace into their gowns.

Martina Liana #1147


This wedding dress, along with optional floor length sleeves, creates a carefree and romantic look that is perfect for a boho wedding.

Essense of Australia D2322


Graphic, organic edged lace makes a bold statement and adds a touch of elegance to a bohemian desert wedding.



The tropical elegance theme appeals to brides who know that just because they are doing a destination wedding, doesn’t mean they have to look casual. This theme mixes lush and lavish elements with a tropical twist. It features lush floral patterns, luxurious textures, and gold accents.

Aire Beach Queral


This beachy beauty fromm Aire Barcelona’s Beach collection looks “easy breezy”, and is made from rich silk chiffon along with beaded French lace.

Martina Liana #1087


Layers of floral French lace and sequins make this wedding dress exceptionally magical. The soft laces flow into a dreamy tulle skirt that looks light and effortless.



What could be a better fit for a 2020 wedding than a roaring 20’s wedding theme? This theme is perfect for the bride who is all about glitz and glamour. Bold accessories, vintage decor, and ultra embellished gowns are a must for this theme. Think sequins and gold all the way.

Martina Liana #1078


Artfully placed lace shapes the body on this richly beaded wedding dress, and the dramatic shaped train makes a bold statement as you walk down the aisle.

Martina Liana #948