Setting a Budget for Your Dream Dress

Setting a Budget for Your Dream Dress

 Setting a budget for your wedding dress can seem daunting, but it may bring you peace of mind and make the process of finding the right dress a lot easier! Here at Bella Bridal Gallery, our goal is to make sure that finding your dream down is as seamless as possible. Here are some tips to help you set a wedding dress budget!




The Big Picture

 When you’re planning your wedding, it helps to look at the big picture. Typically, the gown and accessories will account for 10% of your overall wedding spending. This may shift depending on the cost elements of your wedding and what you want to prioritize for spending (such as the venue or catering). Once you develop a total wedding budget, allocating a cost for your gown will be less confusing to navigate!


Choosing a Price Range

Slipping on a gown that makes you feel like a million bucks for your big day is worth spending a little extra cash. Finding the best designer wedding dresses is a matter of knowing what style suits your body type and will make you feel comfortable. At Bella Bridal Gallery, our wedding dresses range from $1,750 and $4,500; however, we also offer off-the-rack dresses on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for as low as $750 - $1,750!


We really encourage our brides to think about how big of an impact choosing a gorgeous wedding gown can have on their self esteem for their wedding day. It’s so important that you feel confident and beautiful in your dress! 


Think about the years and years you’ll spend looking back at photos of your wedding gown; you’ll never regret spending money on a beautiful piece of art that made you feel like a queen. You’re probably allocating a decent amount of your budget for photography, which means the gown you choose will be preserved forever in all the special moments of your big day. You want the dress to be absolutely worthy of all that attention!

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