How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Dec 04, 2017


Nothing screams “bride” more than a veil.  A beautiful veil with a sparkly headpiece completes your bridal look on your big day.  However, some brides opt to choose one or the other.  If your wedding dress has a lot of back details, choose a very thin, sheer veil that doesn’t hide your dress.  Floor length and cathedral veils are a great choice for church weddings, and can help elongate petite brides, while finger tip or elbow length veils frame the body and help to balance tall frames.  Short veils are a great way to add a vintage or retro vibe your your wedding day look.


If your wedding dress has beading on it, use that as a starting point when choosing the rest of your accessories.  If your dress has silver beading or pearls, choose jewelry that matches.  Keep in mind that certain metals also look better with different fabric colors.  A champagne wedding dress might look best with gold jewelry, or a blush dress with rose gold accessories.  Remember, less is more when it comes to jewelry.  You don’t want anything taking away from the beauty of your wedding dress.


If you have a strapless or sweetheart neckline, wearing long earrings in lieu of a necklace will help to frame your face without taking attention away from your dress.  A V-neckline looks great with a simple necklace, or go bold with a choker.  With halter or high necklines, you don’t need a necklace at all.  Keep any jewelry very simple, and add details to your hair with a beaded headpiece or headband and loose romantic curls that frame your face.


The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is your feet hurting.  If heels are a must, make sure you wear them well before the wedding date and have them fully broken in before the big day.  Flats, wedges, and sandals are good alternatives to heels, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles from lace to beading.  No one is really going to be paying attention to what is on your feet, so make sure whatever shoes you choose to wear, you feel good in them.


If you are getting married in a church you may be required to wear something that covers your shoulders, or if you are getting married in one of the colder months, you might just want to.  Boleros, capes, wraps, or fur stoles are great ways to accessorize your dress and keep you warm.  Just make sure that you choose something that suits your style and does not compete with your wedding dress.