Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Silhouettes. Mobile Image

Oct 04, 2019

Chances are, if you’ve started looking for wedding dresses, even if it’s just online, you’ve heard the terms, “A-line, ballgown, mermaid, and sheath” thrown around a fair amount of times.


However, what’s really the difference between them all, and what shape will best suit you? Here, we will go over the differences between the major wedding dress shapes to help you determine which style will work best for you!



As its name suggests, A-line wedding dresses widen from the waist to the hem, creating an ‘A’ shape. This silhouette is classic and timeless, and is the most comfortable style to wear. It is flattering on every figure, and is the softer, more romantic version of it’s sister, the ballgown.


The main difference between the A-line and the ballgown wedding dress is the amount of volume in the skirt. Ballgowns have a defined waistline and a big, billowy skirt. They are perfect for any bride looking to feel like a princess on her wedding day. If you are planning a dramatic, fairy tale wedding, a ballgown is a perfect dress choice.




The drop waist wedding dress has a fitted corset top like the ballgown, but they do not flare out at the natural waist. Instead, they flare out just below the hips creating an hourglass shape for the bride. This less common silhouette is a good choice for a bride hoping to create curves and show off her figure while still getting a voluminous skirt.



Mermaid wedding dresses are a great choice for brides who want to show off their hourglass shape, and who want to do it with drama. They are fitted all the way through the hips, and then flare out with volume at the bottom of the dress, typically at the knee. These dresses make a big statement, just like the ballgown does, but while also showing off your curves.


Just like A-line and ballgown wedding dresses are like two sides of the same coin, so are trumpet and mermaid gowns. The major difference between the two styles is where the dress flares out. The trumpet wedding dress flares above the knee, making it a softer silhouette. It is also a much more comfortable option than the mermaid, as the higher flare will allow more room to move, sit, and dance in your dress.


Fit and flare is the softest silhouette of the fitted wedding dresses. They have a very slight flare and are more subtle and subdued. These dresses are are very sophisticated and elegant, and will not overwhelm a more petite bride.


Sheath wedding dresses follow the natural shape of your body, without any added flare. They create an elongated look and tend to be very comfortable, thin dresses without too much structure, which is perfect for brides whose top priority is comfort. These dresses look effortless and relaxed, great for boho or beachy brides.

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