Current Dress Shopping Timeline

Current Dress Shopping Timeline

At Bella Bridal Gallery, our team prides ourselves in giving our brides a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience, from our vast, stunning collection of gowns to our excellent customer service. One of our main goals involves providing guidance to our brides: we understand that wedding planning can be a stressful journey, and we want to make it easier for you in every way we can. As such, we’re here to outline the current dress shopping timeline so that you can prepare accordingly:

Steps Involved in Finding “The One!”


Wedding dress shopping takes patience and careful consideration, and your dress is far from aisle-ready even after you do find the perfect one. Right now, the atmosphere in the general fashion world is characterized by many delays, and bridal designers are particularly impacted. From material shortages and heightened demand for dresses in response to loosening COVID-19 restrictions, to shipping delays, it can take several months to receive your dress after you order it.


How to Prepare


With that being said, we recommend that you start shopping about a year before your ceremony’s date. This will allow about 2 months to select a dress, 6 months to have it sewn and shipped back to our boutique, then 2-4 months for alteration appointments to handle any needed adjustments. This all may sound like an exaggeration, but we can guarantee that you will be grateful to have planned enough time for any delays and last-minute hiccups. 


There’s no need to worry. At Bella Bridal Gallery, your love story is in excellent hands, and we’re ecstatic to be included in it. By being aware of this timeline and listening to our advice, you can ensure that your dress shopping journey will be a lovely one. 

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