A Guide To Minimalist Wedding Dresses For Every Kind Of Bride

A Guide To Minimalist Wedding Dresses For Every Kind Of Bride

A Guide To Minimalist Wedding Dresses For Every Kind Of Bride. Mobile Image

Oct 24, 2019

Shopping for wedding dresses, whether you are just starting your search online or you’ve started trying on gowns, can be an overwhelming experience.


With an abundance of lace, beading, sequins, and what seams like never-ending layers of fabric, it’s easy to think that “more is more” when it comes to wedding dresses.


But, what if that’s just not “you”? If you fancy yourself more of a “less is more” kind of girl, there are still great wedding dress options for you, no matter what kind of style you are going for.


These minimalist wedding dresses are simple, chic, and timeless. They must be made with the best quality materials and with the highest craftsmanship in order to truly shine. They are a great way to let your true beauty show without all of the bells and whistles.


These wedding dresses have daring necklines, angles, and cutouts. They are bold and unexpected, and make a statement in terms of their design.



Traditional wedding dresses are timeless and polished. They look very refined and sophisticated, never “plain” or boring. These wedding dresses have classic silhouettes and will remain stylish throughout the years. They are the true definition of never going out of style.



A full skirt and light layers can make any bride feel like a princess on her wedding day, not just sparkles and shine. This dress is fun and flirty without a stitch of lace or beading.



For the glamorous bride, minimalist wedding dresses really let the fabric do the talking. Make a statement with bold folds and manipulation of the fabric, or for a more feminine look, try adding a bow.


The modern bride is all about putting a fresh spin on a classic look. Unexpected details such a a sheer top on a classic ballgown or a plunging neckline and curve hugging seams add a contemporary element to simple silhouettes.



There is just so much to love about boho wedding dresses. They are often characterized by their effortless feel and unconventional detailing, such as a touch of crochet detail instead of traditional lace.


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