6 Tips To Enjoying Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day

6 Tips To Enjoying Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day

6 Tips To Enjoying Every Moment Of Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Apr 03, 2017

We’ve all heard it before.  You spend months, or even years, planning your wedding, and then the day goes by in an instant.  With photos to be taken and guests to greet, it may seem like a whirlwind of a day.  However, there are some things you can do to help you stay present and really revel in the joy that all your hard work and planning has produced.



Try to get as many things done as early as possible.  Write out a master list, and try to cross off as much as you can, as soon as you can. Enlist the help of family members, and utilize your bridesmaids. You chose them to be in your bridal party because you trust them, and they have your best interest at heart. Delegating simple tasks can help free up some time for you to get in the right mindset and stay as stress free as possible.


When you are choosing your wedding shoes, comfort should always be the first consideration. Your wedding day will be long, and the last thing you want to be thinking about is your aching feet.  Remember, no one will really see what shoes you are wearing, and if you choose to change them after the ceremony, the length of your wedding gown may change.  


If you must have those killer 6 inch heels that you’ve been swooning over on your Pinterest board, make sure you break them in well before the wedding day.  Wear them around the house with socks, months in advance, so that your feet have a chance to get used to them, and you can rock them all night long.

3. EAT

Your wedding day will be filled with non-stop activities from the moment you wake up until you leave in your getaway car. Make sure you start your day with a good breakfast, and bring snacks with you when you are getting ready.  


If you are taking your photos during the cocktail hour, you probably won’t get a chance to eat anything until dinner.  It may be tempting to skip dinner in lieu of mingling with your guests, but making sure you eat will give you the energy you need to enjoy yourself and dance the night away.


Cell phones are often a distraction in our everyday lives, but it shouldn’t be on your wedding day. Anyone you would need to contact immediately is probably already at the reception, and you’ve hired a professional photographer to capture all of the memories from your day. Include a custom hashtag for your wedding guests to use to allow them to share any photos that they take for you to look back on at a later time. Leave your phone in your purse or with your maid of honor so that you can focus on taking in everything first hand.


While it’s easy to get swept up in the day, socializing with all of your guests, make sure to plan moments where you can sneak off with your spouse and let everything sink in. Let your wedding planner know that you want to take some time during cocktail hour or during your reception to have a quiet getaway with your spouse, and they can arrange to have celebratory champagne and snacks waiting for you.


You’ve spent months researching vendors and hiring the right people to carry out all of the details of your wedding. Trust them!  If you’ve hired a wedding planner, or your venue provides you with a coordinator for the day, trust that you’ve picked the right people and that everything will get done. The only thing you should be focused on now is having a good time and enjoying your day!