If You're Considering a Second Wedding Dress, Consider These 6 Things

If You're Considering a Second Wedding Dress, Consider These 6 Things. Mobile Image

May 19, 2018

A lot of people think about changing their shoes for the reception when they are getting married, but what about changing your dress? Wearing a second wedding dress can be a great way to show off all of the facets of your unique style, as well as being a way to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire night. If you have the budget for a second dress, consider these six elements of your wedding day to help you decide if a second wedding gown is right for you. 1. DO YOU HAVE AN EXTRAVAGANT VENUE? 7b97e255ab4ede4c72a16038fedfe3b426e4f5a56c3e462e8271182ebb48cefa If you have a very extravagant venue, chances are you have chosen an equally elaborate dress to complement the theme. If you are walking down the long isle of an old church with cathedral ceilings, tall pillars and intricate architecture with stained glass windows in a ball gown with a cathedral veil, but desire a quiet more intimate reception, then you may want to change into a more understated dress. Essense_D2409_01-530x845 2. ARE YOU PLANNING ON HITTING THE DANCE FLOOR ALL NIGHT LONG? MartinaLiana_CALAIS_SHILOH_01_TogetherForever-530x845 If you know that you are going to spend most of your reception dancing the night away, you may want to change into a shorter or lighter dress that will allow you to move more freely. You won't have to worry about someone accidentally stepping on your bustle and tearing it out, leaving holes in your dress, while you carry around your train. If you're getting married in a heavy ball gown or a mermaid dress, choosing something that is lightweight and flowing from the waist down will allow you the freedom to boogie. 810.1464799967.0-530x845R003B 3. ARE YOU PLANNING A LONG WEDDING DAY?     [gallery ids="4353,4352" type="rectangular"] If you plan on getting married early in the day at your local church, with a long break in-between for pictures, and traveling to a different location for the reception that goes late into the evening, you could be spending more than 12 hours wearing your wedding dress. Changing into a gown that is more comfortable for the reception, after all of the pictures have been taken is a great way to help you get through the day happily and comfortably. 4. WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE LIKE? LHP-634image2 (2) We all know it's impossible the predict the weather, but if you know that you are getting married in a location that has extreme weather temperatures, in the dead of winter or the middle of summer, you may want to consider a second dress. If you've always dreamed of getting  married in a satin ballgown, but you know you'll be sweating the entire time, change into something lighter for the reception. Or if you've envisioned yourself walking in a winter wonderland in a fur shrug, but the reception is inside, you may want to change up your look. 5. ARE YOU RE-WEARING YOUR MOM'S DRESS? If you're choosing to get married in the same dress that your mother or grandmother wore for the sake of nostalgia and tradition, then choosing a second dress for the reception may be a great way to showcase your own unique signature style. 6. DOES YOUR CEREMONY LOCATION HAVE A DRESS CODE? 22008020_1712782745419979_9000957636201025324_n If you've been dreaming of getting married in a strapless, sweetheart fit and flare gown, but your church requires you to have your shoulders and arms covered,  don't give up on your dream wedding day look because of a dress code. Wearing one dress for the wedding and another for the reception gives you the opportunity to wear your dream gown and adhere to rules as well. IMG_1493 If a second dress is not in your budget, adding removable cap sleeves or wearing a bolero for the ceremony and then removing them for the reception, can still give you a look that works for both your style and the dress code. Accessories like capes, belts, headpieces and removable trains are great ways to change up your wedding day look without changing your entire dress.