Choosing the Right Veil to Complement Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the Right Veil to Complement Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the Right Veil to Complement Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Apr 14, 2018

When choosing a veil or headpiece, it is important that it balances the look of your wedding dress without over-shadowing it. A veil can completely change the overall look of your wedding dress, so it is important that the veil you choose complements the complete theme and style of your wedding dress, while making you feel like your most beautiful self.

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Setting a budget for your veil is just as crucial as setting a budget for your dress. It is helpful to make a separate budget for you dress, accessories, and alterations so that you can see how much you saved and where you can spend more. Like wedding dresses, veils can range significantly in price depending on how detailed they are. Typically veils can range anywhere between $300 and $3000 depending on how elaborate detailing is on the veil. LHP-650


The  kind of headpiece or veil that you choose may vary depending on how you are styling your hair on your wedding day. You may place your veil high on top of your head if your are wearing your hair down, or if you are wearing an up-do, you may want to place the veil lower, underneath your bun. Where you place your veil will affect how long the veil falls and where the details of the veil meet your dress.

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If you have an elaborate wedding dress with lots of lace and beaded details, it is important that your veil does not take away from the beauty and design of your dress. Choose a veil with a simple beaded edge that matches the beading on your gown, or opt for a sheer veil with scattered Swarovski crystals that catch the light as your walk down the isle. WEDDING-0662 SIMPLE GOWN 

If you have chosen a simpler wedding dress, you have more options when it comes to veils. Mixing textures by adding a lace veil over a plain dress can make a beautiful and unique statement. If you prefer bling, a veil with beaded edging or metallic thread can add a touch a sparkle to your wedding day look. Sticking with a simple veil with a satin or horsehair edge will keep with the clean and classic look of your dress.



Just because your dress has lots of back detail doesn't mean that you get to miss out on the bridal tradition of wearing a veil. Choose a veil made out of a single layer of silk tulle, and the back of your wedding dress will still be visible and complete your look with full on bridal drama.



If your wedding dress has a very long or elaborate train, then a long veil may get lost in the detail of your train as you are walking down the isle. Avoid this by choosing a veil that extends even longer beyond the end of the train for an even more dramatic look, or keep your veil simpler, and choose a fingertip length that will frame your body and not compete with the train. Image_0103 SHORT DRESS 

If you are wearing a short wedding dress, you can definitely add a veil or headpiece to make it feel more bridal. Just remember that the shorter the dress is, the shorter the veil should be.