Get to Know Your Wedding Dress Fabrics

Get to Know Your Wedding Dress Fabrics

Get to Know Your Wedding Dress Fabrics. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2018

Wedding dresses come in many different fabrics and silhouettes.  Some of these fabrics are more conducive to specific dress styles than others, and learning about what materials you like best and which will be best suited for your wedding will make choosing you wedding dress even easier.  These are some popular fabrics that you will find here at Bella Bridal Gallery when wedding dress shopping.



Silk is one of the most traditional wedding dress fabrics.  It is incredibly versatile, and it comes in many different textures and styles.  It is a natural fabric that breathes easily, so it is well suited for all occasions.  Silk can be woven into several different materials such as Mikado, Crepe, or Tulle. 2018_BOGA_AIRE_BARCELONA_2MartinaLiana_893_01-530x8452018_BRONCE_AIRE_BARCELONA_1 SATIN

Contrary to popular belief, satin is not an actual fiber, but a finish that can be used on several different materials.  It is a thick, smooth fabric that holds its structure very well, which makes it a popular choice for cooler weather.  Most bridal satin is 100% silk.



Chiffon is an incredibly sheer and lightweight fabric that looks delicate and airy.  It is often sewn in several layers with many yards of fabric due its transparent nature.  It has a very soft and romantic look that is good for brides looking for A-line wedding dresses that feel fresh and effortless. Essense_D2371_01-530x845MartinaLiana_CARINA_SHAE_01_TogetherForever-530x845Essense_D2292_01-530x845


Organza is also sheer and lightweight, but it is stiffer than chiffon.  It is a lot more structured, but still gives the feeling of being very light and ethereal.



Crepe is a soft, gauzy material that can be very clingy.  It is best for slinky silhouettes that show off a bride's curves and add a touch of sexiness to a wedding dress. MartinaLiana_932_01-530x8452018_RAYLA_ALMANOVIAS_2MartinaLiana_875_01-530x845


Tulle is a sheer, open weave fabric that resembles netting.  It is very delicate and can come in a variety of different weights and stiffness.  Lace appliques are often incorporated to add more detail to a tulle wedding dress. 2018_BASORA_AIRE_BARCELONA_1D2085.1464816381.0-530x8452018_BARBADOS_AIRE_BARCELONA_1 LACE

Lace is an incredibly popular choice among brides.  It is most often used as an overlay on the bodice or skirt of a wedding dress.  Lace appliques are added to the hemline or train of a wedding dress to add interest and detail. 2018_BERTA_AIRE_BARCELONA_1MartinaLiana_905_01-530x845MartinaLiana_874_01-1-530x8452018_RIOJA_ALMANOVIAS_1