Wedding Dresses to Compliment Your Wedding Theme

Wedding Dresses to Compliment Your Wedding Theme

Wedding Dresses to Compliment Your Wedding Theme. Mobile Image

Mar 12, 2018


A romantic wedding is filled with soft hues, pastel colors, and ambient lighting. Delicate floral lace patterns will add to the feminine feel of your romantic wedding. An off-the-shoulder neckline and delicate lace sleeves add an air of exquisite romanticism to a wedding dress, and cascading silk tulle is the epitome of modern romance. MartinaLiana_941_01-530x845MartinaLiana_958_01-530x8452018_BAMBU_AIRE_BARCELONA_12018_BAMBU_AIRE_BARCELONA_2 ALTERNATIVE

If you are an 'off-beat bride' who's never been one to take the normal route, don't be afraid to take chances with your wedding day look. Get creative with your wedding dress by choosing less traditional fabrics, such as crepe Georgette and guipure lace. A short sleeve can add a cool and casual feel to a wedding dress. Experiment with a two piece look instead of a traditional dress. 2018_RAMO_ALMANOVIAS_12018_RAMA_ALMANOVIAS_22018_RAMA_ALMANOVIAS_12018_RAY_ALMANOVIAS_2 VINTAGE

Vintage weddings allude to antiques and have Victorian details. The best way to complement this style with your wedding dress is by incorporating details such as metallic thread, silver beading, and lattice patterns. Choosing a darker color wedding dress like champagne instead of the traditional white or ivory will add to the vintage vibe of your wedding gown. MartinaLiana_894_05-530x845MartinaLiana_845_03-530x845MartinaLiana_983_01-530x845MartinaLiana_845_02-530x845


Minimal design and clean lines are at the forefront of a modern wedding theme. There is an exquisite simplicity in the style and decor of a modern wedding. A plain wedding dress with exceptional fit will look sophisticated and elegant. Choosing fabrics such a silk Mikado and silk Zibeline will ensure that your wedding dress looks luxurious even without lace or beaded embellishments.


Rustic weddings are often held outdoors or in barns. They incorporate a lot of natural elements such a distressed wood, herbs, and burlap. A no fuss dress that still looks elegant is the perfect complement to a rustic wedding. Look for botanical lace designs and layered lace fabrics which can create bold floral designs and add texture to your wedding dress. Essense_D2347_01-530x845Essense_D2320_01-530x845Essense_D2387_03-530x845Essense_D2327_01-530x845


Bohemian style weddings are chic but effortless. There is a sophistication to the decor, but nothing feels forced or like it's trying too hard. Boho wedding dresses are cool and carefree, while still looking bridal.



A classic wedding theme is formal and traditional. A white or ivory wedding dress with a classic A-line or ballgown silhouette looks beautiful in a church or ballroom. 2018_BELGA_AIRE_BARCELONA_2Essense_D2343_01-1-530x845MartinaLiana_975_01-530x8452018_BERTA_AIRE_BARCELONA_1