3 Keys to Looking Perfectly Polished on your Wedding Day

3 Keys to Looking Perfectly Polished on your Wedding Day

3 Keys to Looking Perfectly Polished on your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Mar 05, 2018


After you've chosen the perfect wedding dress, the next step is to choose the right color for the gown. Choosing a color that complements your skin tone is crucial to looking your best on your wedding day. The basic rule of thumb to follow is that the darker your skin tone, the brighter the white you can wear well. Stark white looks beautiful on darker skin tones, but can wash out someone with fair skin. An ivory wedding dress has a warmness to it that stark white wedding dresses lack, and it complements almost every skin tone. Ivory dresses also tend to have a richer and more luxurious quality to them. Champagne gowns have pink or gold undertones, but they photograph nearly white. They look best on darker complexions or people with yellow or olive undertones. If you are a non-traditional bride looking to make a statement, most designers are offering wedding dresses in a variety of other colors as well, such a blush, blue, and even black.



Having your wedding dress altered to perfection is just as important as choosing the actual gown. Nothing looks more unpolished than a wedding dress that fits poorly. Almost everyone will need their wedding dress altered to some extent. Standard alterations typically include hem, bustle, and taking the dress in or letting it out in certain areas in order to fit your body like a glove. You can also get creative with your alterations by customizing your wedding day look by changing the neckline of your wedding dress or adding to the dress with straps or cap sleeves. Whatever you decide, remember that a clean and tailored look will exude a timeless elegance that you will love for years to come. 2018_BABILONIA_AIRE_BARCELONA_12018_BALTASAR_AIRE_BARCELONA_22018_BAMBU_AIRE_BARCELONA_12018_BAMBU_AIRE_BARCELONA_2 3. ACCESSORIZE

Choosing the right accessories is like putting the frosting on a cake. Selecting the right veil can complete your wedding day look and elevate it to a whole new level. If you are getting married in a church, you may want to choose a cathedral veil that will look stunning while you are walking down a long isle, or you may want a shorter veil for a no fuss option during a garden ceremony. The right belt can emphasize your waistline and add a touch of sparkle to a lace gown. If your dress has an open neckline, you may want larger chandelier earrings vs studs that would complement a halter neckline.  Accessories are a great way to put a finishing touch on your wedding day look. Essense_D2434_03-530x8452018_BABILONIA_AIRE_BARCELONA_3MartinaLiana_955_02-530x845Essense_D2479_02-530x845