5 Keys to Wedding Planning for 20-Something Brides

5 Keys to Wedding Planning for 20-Something Brides. Mobile Image

Jan 29, 2018

Finding a date that works perfectly for everyone is almost impossible, but when a lot of your friends or even close family members, like cousins or siblings, are still in school this can be an even bigger challenge. Keeping the general school calendar in mind when choosing a date may make it easier for more of your friends to attend your wedding and dance the night away with you. il_fullxfull.574360627_488z 2. CHOOSE HOTELS THAT VARY IN PRICE The cost of your wedding weekend can add up very quickly for guests, especially if they are traveling. Although its a nice idea to have everyone together at the same place, this may not be possible for friends and family who are just getting on their feet. Offering a variety of price points will make it easier for all your guests to  feel welcome and enjoy celebrating your wedding with you. 3. JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE RULES, DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE ELSE DOES If you are one of the first of your friends to get married, they may not know wedding etiquette as well as some of your other relatives. Expect to have to follow up with RSVP's, and be prepared with a polite way to say 'no' when friends ask if they can bring a plus one. Unless they are in a serious, long-term relationship, or living with someone, you have no obligation to extend the invitation, and incur the additional expense of a friend who wants to bring a date. rsvp-cards-for-wedding-wedding-rsvp-etiquette-9-tips-all-brides-should-know 4. PAPER STILL RULES Although it may be convenient for your friends and younger family members to hop on to your wedding website and find information about your big day, you should still provide the most important wedding information on actual paper, especially if you want your older relatives to see it. preview 5. COMPROMISE IS KEY It's important to compromise your 'dream wedding' in order to stay within your budget.  If you haven't been working or saving up for long, then it is almost impossible to afford everything you want, even with help from your parents. Set a realistic wedding budget, and stay within it. Make a list of the things that are most important to you and your fiance, and make compromises for the things that don't make the cut.  If you LOVE  good food, the splurge on the dinner and save on decorations or flowers. 54f641f8bff2f_-_1-wedding-reception-long-table-del0612-dewedding_food73e7e90baeb1f7e9f4d26ff38a6a383f