Insider Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Insider Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Insider Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

Jan 15, 2018

Wedding dress shopping can be a fun and exciting time for a bride, and believe it or  not, it's supposed to be easy.  But finding your dream dress in the least stressful way possible involves preparation and groundwork.  Here you will find insider tips on making dress shopping as fun and easy as it looks on television.



Most wedding dresses are made to order, and take between 4-6 months to come in, with some that can be even longer depending on the designer, collection, and any customization.  Shopping 9-12 months before your wedding date will allow you enough time for your dress to arrive and a comfortable window of time to complete any alterations.  Remember, most bridal shops are appointment only because we provide you with a personal stylist who focuses on trying to help you find your perfect dress, so remember to book ahead of time.



Going shopping for your wedding dress during a trunk show means that the store has a sampling of the newest dresses from a designers latest collection.  The 2018 trunk show schedule  is posted on our website,, so search for your favorite designer, and come to a trunk show to view, try on, and say YES to dream wedding dress!  Trunk show dresses often come with purchasing incentives, so it's always a good idea to buy during a trunk show event if you are looking to save  money. 23519173_1764117076953212_3651310168370853936_n RESEARCH

Know what designers the bridal salon carries and the price range of the dresses.  You can find a list of the designers at Bella Bridal Gallery and more information on our website,  This information will give you a feel for what kind of dresses the store carries, and if they suit what you are looking for in your dream dress. 22894504_1748647281833525_3580433258797025839_n


It's always helpful to come prepared with images of what you think you will love in a wedding dress, and sometimes you are spot on.  However, don't be surprised if what you thought you wanted changes as you try on different dresses.  Sometimes the style that looks best on  you is different than what you originally thought you wanted. 18951192_10154432466727680_4377652971577395206_n (2)


There is a lot of thought and preparation by both you and your bridal consultant when it comes to picking out dresses to try on.  Your stylist has considered your pictures, wedding inspiration, venue, style preferences and budget when selecting dresses for you, so do  not be surprised to find yourself falling in love with the first choice.  It can be a little scary to buy the first dress that you try on, but remember that it was not a random selection, but everything that you asked for. 20229201_664518127073023_285559871196305117_n (2)


It's easier to envision yourself on your wedding day if you have your hair done and makeup on.  If you are planning on wearing an up do, put your hair up when you are trying on dresses.  This will help you get the full effect of how you will look on your big day.

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Sample sales are a great way to find budget friendly designer dresses.  Samples are offered at a discounted price, and come without the hassle of waiting for a special ordered dress to arrive. Bella Bridal Gallery DON'T BE SHOCKED IF THE SIZE YOU MEASURE IS LARGER THAN WHAT YOU NORMALLY WEAR

Many bridal designers use a size chart that reflects a sample size 10 as a regular 6/8, so don't be surprised if your consultant suggests ordering a few sized larger than you normally wear.  The dress needs to be ordered according to your largest measurement so that there is enough fabric, lace, and beading to fit the largest area of your body, and the rest can be taken in during the alteration process. 14095961_1281106381920953_4277740549750057337_n LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE YOU BRING WITH YOU

Too many opinions and too much feedback can be discouraging and overwhelming for a bride.  Varying opinions from  your crew can take what should be a fun experience, and make it stressful and confusing.  Don't be afraid to let your group know if you are looking for their personal opinions or if you are looking for support.  Experts recommend bring up to 3 people with you whose opinions mean the most to you and who are truly supportive.  Bringing your bridesmaids to your dress fitting during alterations is a great way to include them in the process, especially since you will need them to help you get dressed and bustle your dress on the day of your wedding. 25299498_1794100410621545_891955316539955458_n