10 Things to Avoid the Week Before your Wedding

10 Things to Avoid the Week Before your Wedding. Mobile Image

Jul 12, 2017

Whenever your try a new hair color, you never truly know how the chemicals will react with your hair, and there is usually a waiting period before you can correct the color.  If you end up with undesirable results the week before your wedding, you may end up damaging your hair or walking down the isle in an unflattering shade of blonde on your big day.  Opt for a clear gloss that will refresh your current color and add shine to your hair instead of making any dramatic changes. Hair-color-shutterstock_126985853   2. DRASTIC HAIR CUTS You may want to consider keeping your extra length for up-do's or to add volume to other hairstyles.  A short haircut may clash with the neckline of your wedding gown if you are used to looking at it on yourself with longer hair. 816963 3. ALCOHOL Too much alcohol can cause you to look and feel puffy and bloated.  It causes dehydration, which can also cause dark circles under your eyes and make you look even more tired than you already feel from all of the planning. rose 4. NEW WORK OUT REGIMEN You don't want your body to change drastically the week before your wedding.  Your wedding gown now fits perfectly, and you don't want any surprises when you're putting on your dress that day.  Continue your normal exercise routine in order to maintain your current shape. buffbrides1 5. SPRAY TAN BOOTHS Going to a tanning booth, as opposed to a salon or spa, for your spray tan can result in uneven skin tone.  You do not know the way the tanning solution will react with your skin, and you don't want to be stuck with an unnatural look the day of the wedding.  Make sure you exfoliate your skin first so that your tan will last longer and you won't have to worry about it fading too much before the wedding. SpaDayInvite (2) 6. CHANGING MAKEUP Make sure you do your makeup trial far enough in advance to make sure you are comfortable with the look.  Wedding makeup should be an amplified version of your normal look.  Your makeup artist should know how to apply your makeup so that it photographs well, while still looking natural. 19511370_10155291931505140_7805630106618252005_n 7. JUICE CLEANSES Juice cleanse are low in calories and typically high in sugar, if you are using lots of fruits.  This can deplete your energy levels, making you tired and irritable while you are trying to finish up all those last minute details.  Eating a healthy, balanced diet will give you the energy you need to get through your final week of planning. juice-cleanse-bottles 8. PEELS AND MICRODERMABRASION If you are going to have any facial treatments done, plan on having them no later than two weeks before the wedding.  Your skin will still be peeling and irritated if you do them just one week before, and makeup will cause even more irritation.  Remember water and sleep are key for flawless skin. facial 9. NEW SKIN CARE PRODUCTS Again, experimenting with skin care products should never be done within two weeks of your wedding.  If you are having skin troubles, see a dermatologist a couple of months before the wedding who can develop a skin care routine for you based on your specific  needs. [gallery ids="3552,3553" type="rectangular"] 10. NO "ALL-NIGHTERS" Making sure you get enough rest will ensure that your immune system stays in perfect condition, and that you will look your best on your wedding day.  No one wants to walk down the isle with a cold.  Save the tissues you carry on your wedding day for happy tears only. il_570xN.776915455_43lq