7 Things to Keep in Your Clutch on Your Wedding Day

7 Things to Keep in Your Clutch on Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Jul 07, 2017

With guests to greet and cake to eat, your wedding day lipstick is bound to fade throughout the night.  Make sure your look stays complete from the very first photo to the last by keeping your lipstick with you for touch ups. ClioMakeUp-cose-peggiori-makeup-incubi-trucco-rossetto-denti-starnuto-smalto-mascara-eyeliner-6bb29a00cf4fc37268766972c8e71ed0c 2. BLOTTING PAPERS Blotting papers are a great way to touch up your face on your big day without having to carry around extra makeup with you.  You can quickly and easily maintain your perfect look throughout the evening without having to constantly reapply your powder or foundation. 071715-blotting-papers-2 3. BOBBY PINS If you're planning on dancing the night away, it may be a good idea to have bobby pins on hand to keep loose strands out of your face or to keep up your fancy up-do.  They are also a great solution to a broken zipper.  These may come in handy for you, your bridesmaids, or even the groomsmen. il_340x270.883501023_f33oil_340x270.1084545151_2snm   4. ROLL ON PERFUME Your signature scent is sure to fade from when you first apply it the morning of your wedding day.  Instead of layering on the perfume in hopes that it will last longer, apply it sparingly and bring a roll on or travel size with you to reapply it later in the day. wedding_favor_ideas_7_01092014 5. TISSUES Weddings are emotional for the bride, the groom, and guests as well.  It's always a good idea to have a tissue available for when those wedding speeches get extra sentimental.  They are also a good alternative to blotting papers if you forgot to put them in your clutch. wedding-tissuesST-DIY-Mini-Wedding-Tissue-Boxes_0014 6. FASHION TAPE No matter how well your straps fit you during alterations, they tend to shift once you start moving around.  Fashion tape is a great way to keep them, or any other parts of your dress in place on your special day. (Think plunging V neckline) hollywood-fashion-tape-tin-openBridal-Dress-Fitting 7. MINTS Mints are a great way to keep your breath fresh all day without the fear of being caught on camera chomping away on a piece of gum.  They also make a great parting gift for your guests. 19014_NewMintToBe_TinsLSouthern-Mint-Wedding-Ashley-Upchurch-Photography-21