Make Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown Easy

Make Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown Easy

Make Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown Easy. Mobile Image

Feb 11, 2017

1. Do research on what you like.

Look online and in magazines for pictures of wedding gowns that you like.  Even if you are not sure of what will look good on you, save things that you find pretty or that your are drawn to. Then, look for common connections or themes among the pictures that you saved.  You may find that you are considering several different styles, but that you like gowns with lace bodices or tulle skirts.


2. Make an appointment. 

It is important to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns so that there is a bridal consultant to help you, and a changing room available.  At Bella Bridal Gallery, we understand that choosing a wedding gown for your big day is an important decision, and it is our mission to give you the best possible service and meet all of your bridal styling needs.  Shop early, and factor in time for alterations and accessorizing, so that you do not feel rushed or stressed about looking your best on your wedding day. 15109469_1362047837160140_8393332578769913107_n-2

3. Be open

It is good to have an idea about what kind of dress you want, but be open to trying different styles as well.  Sometimes certain silhouettes look different than expected once you start trying on gowns.  Make sure you try on any dress you are considering before purchasing it.  It is tempting to order something that you see online, but you will never know exactly how the dress will look, or how comfortable you will feel in the gown until you try it on. 14102136_1283816814983243_1094690192394052529_n

4. Figure out your budget. 

Knowing your budget is crucial to finding  your dream wedding gown.  At Bella Bridal Gallery, we work within your budget to find the best dress for you.  Shopping at trunk shows will give you access to the newest dresses at promotional pricing.  Only trying on gowns within your budget will make saying yes to the dress a fun and stress free experience. 9654aaaaf78975deb1c6e8606d41e3a6  

5. Choose your entourage wisely. 

When trying on wedding gowns, make sure to bring one or two close friends or family members who you want to share the special moment of saying "yes!" to the dress with you.  Keep in mind that too many opinions can make the decision harder and more confusing.  By limiting yourself to a few supportive people, you are more likely to stay true to what you love.  Remember, you can always bring people to future dress fittings so that they still feel included in the process. 16299342_1455420414489548_8332449014356875932_n6. When you know, you know. 

Don't be surprised if you find your dream gown at your first appointment!  Many brides purchase their gown on their first visit.  If you are expecting tears when you put on "the one" and it doesn't happen, do not take it as a sign that it's not the right dress.  Wedding dress shopping can be an emotional experience, and every one has their own unique way of processing those emotions.  Sometimes that results in tears, like you see on television, sometimes laughter, dancing, or just an over all sigh of relief. img_0434

7. Order too big instead of too small. 

After you've found the dress, it's time to get measured.  Almost every bride falls in-between two or three sizes.  It is always recommended that you order the dress for your biggest measurement.  Not only is it less stressful for you, knowing that no matter what happens you will be able to fit into your gown, it is also much easier to take the dress in where need be, than it is to let it out.  Remember, you are the only one who knows what size you are ordering, so do not let the number sway your decision.  All that matters is that the dress is fit to perfection. 14642443_10154485456055140_3157671206355304292_n-2blue-sky-barn-wedding-ashley-paul-vafa-photo-224jessica-siciliano8. Throw out the "Rules"

Wedding dress shopping should be fun!  Don't feel like you have to wear a certain silhouette, match the venue, or embody the perfect bridal vision of your friends or family members.  Have fun and choose a gown that makes you feel like your most beautiful self! Say yes to  your dream wedding gown, and then relax and stop looking!  Now that you've got your dress, you can focus your energy on the many other details that need to be planned and rest assure