5 Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

5 Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

5 Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Oct 27, 2016

1.Choosing the Right Wedding Gown

Every bride has an idea of what her dream gown should look like on her wedding day. An established bridal salon and a knowledgeable consultant can help you select a wedding gown that compliments your theme, your body shape, and your vision of your wedding day.  Choose a gown that makes you feel confident, secure, and like your most beautiful self.  Alterations are equally important as finding your dream wedding gown.  Even special ordered dresses require some form of alterations to get the perfect fit. Making sure you have a proper hem and bustle will allow you to move comfortably and dance the night away.


2. Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup for your wedding day should complement your wedding gown while staying true to your own personal style. Consider a hairstyle that showcases your wedding dress and highlights the gowns details. For example, if your wedding gown has straps, a halter neckline, or intricate back detail, an up-do, or side-swept style will complement these features of your dress. Wearing your hair down typically works best with a strapless dress so you arent covering up any important features.  Your makeup should also stay true to your style. You dont want to look back at your wedding photos and think that you were pretending to be someone you are not. 13418752_1221600511204874_1752176174003240784_n

3. Photography

The pictures taken on your wedding day will last a lifetime. You will have them to look back on as memories of one of the most important and special days of your life.  Choose a photographer whose portfolio you identify with, and whos style works best with the theme of your wedding. Consider taking engagement photos to get a sense of how well you work with your photographer so that there are no surprises on the big day. 13413093_1219346128096979_1298685243679238484_n 4.Staying Healthy

Wedding planning can be stressful, so its important to take care of yourself throughout the planning process. Getting enough sleep, exercising, and remembering to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water will help reduce stress and anxiety levels leading up to your wedding week. This will also help ensure you are feeling your best on your wedding day. 5.Enjoy Yourself! This is the day when you can finally enjoy everything you have been planning.  Be mentally present the day of the wedding, and remember to soak in the moments that made this day truly special. Mingle with your family and friends that are there to celebrate with you.  Remember, things may not go 100% as planned, but, if at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly!