Bustles:Why you need them and the different types!

Bustles:Why you need them and the different types!

Bustles:Why you need them and the different types!. Mobile Image

May 04, 2016

When you buy a wedding dress now, some are surprised to learn that the bustle is not built in to the dress. The reason why is because the hem of the dress has to be done at the same time and until you come in for your fittings, there is no way to know the height to hem your dress. There are so many variety's of bustles offered and during your fittings, these options will be offered to you.


Why do I need to bustle my dress?

Bustling your wedding dress keeps it up and out of the way once your ceremony is over and you want to mingle with your guest and have fun!


Do I bustle my own dress?

When bustling your dress you will need another helping hand! During your alterations the seamstress will build your bustle according to your hem length. It is very difficult to add a bustle yourself to a wedding gown because you run the risk of tearing it or causing damage to the dress. It is better if the bustle is added in when your dress is hemmed by a professional seamstress.


What types of Bustles are offered?

The French Bustle: This is a common bustle used for Ball Gowns or dresses with a very short train. This is an under bustle used to show off the intricate detailing of a dress. Color coded ribbons under the skirt are used to give the bustle it's effect.


The Traditional Bustle: A traditional bustle is used when the bride does not want a full effect in the back of the dress. A traditional train is a little softer and pins on top of the dress instead of under. This is done by using clear buttons along the back of the dress to pin the train up. This keeps it out of the way when dancing and walking around. over-bustle