Which Veil Fits You Best?

Which Veil Fits You Best?. Mobile Image

Feb 17, 2016

3b7e67704858095b2b1fb8f992f357d4 With so many veil options out there, it can be daunting for a bride to choose just one. But were here to help! With a simple breakdown, you can easily find the right veil for you. Blusher A blusher is a very traditional look that some brides choose to wear on their wedding day. A blusher is what covers the brides face until she is unveiled by her father at the beginning of the ceremony. f95f27ab718b03b5f844de3f7c484765 Birdcage The birdcage veil is a short, often netted style used just to cover the eyes or part of the face. With a 40s/50s vibe, its the perfect style for the vintage bride. a2e539f6dd5f184f854f59aecb3aec1a Shoulder, Elbow, and Fingertip These veil styles are classic staples. They suit any bride, style, and dress. These veils are exactly like their names. They end at either the shoulder, elbow, or fingertip. They are less maintenance than a cathedral veil, which is why some brides choose this option.072edcb08e54ad6dfd71024adae1dcb1 Cathedral  Cathedral veils are a very dramatic, elegant style that not many brides opt for. This veil is the ultimate statement, and usually sweeps past the train onto the floor. 6aa8ce93992c05f08adf7d007d61479d Veils are a classic addition to any wedding dress. Of course, you dont have to keep your veil on the entire night. Simply take it out for the reception and youll be able to move around much easier! See more veil inspiration on our Pinterest page!