Christmas Themed Weddings

Christmas Themed Weddings

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Dec 02, 2015


Who doesn't love the sound of Christmas music and the beautiful lights and decorations that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  What better way to celebrate that holidays than to have your wedding be a Christmas themed celebration.  All of your loved ones are gathered together for this special day. There are so many ways to create a Christmas themed wedding that you and your guest will adore. Whether it be the center pieces, guest favors, the cake, decorations, and even the color theme, you can always incorporate a festive Christmas feel in to your special day.

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Stocking Stuffer plate settings is such a fun and creative way to give your wedding that holiday feel. Adding some bright and sparkly Christmas ornaments throughout the room or on the tables can also give your wedding some Sleigh Ride Sparkle!


It is also easy to incorporate your Christmas Holiday theme in to your wedding cake. This is a cute gesture that all of your guests will love!


Another subtle way to give your wedding that winter wonderland feel is to add a Christmas touch to your bouquets. We are loving this cute idea!   There are so many ways to create your Christmas themed wedding a night to remember.