A Touch of Floral for Your Wedding Day!

A Touch of Floral for Your Wedding Day!

A Touch of Floral for Your Wedding Day!. Mobile Image

Sep 09, 2015

We are loving floral this season....what about you?  There are so many ways to incorporate floral in to your wedding day and it is so easy to do. Whether it be added on your cake, your flower arrangements, or even by adding a touch of floral in to your hairstyle. The options are endless when having a floral inspired wedding, and there is no right or wrong month to take the plunge; these colors are in season all year long...how nice is that?!



By adding just a touch of color on your cake or even on the decor for the wedding can give you that floral inspired theme you want.  With just small details you can give your wedding a romantic feel, or you can go more for the rustic themed wedding. The options are endless with a floral theme!



This season we are seeing the brides adding that extra flare to their special day by incorporating their floral arrangements in to their hairstyles.  This is such a romantic look and adds a unique touch to your look!  Whether you wear your hair done or in an up do, this is a look you will love.



No matter what color palette you choose for your wedding day, floral prints are sure to do the trick!  Remember you can have fun trying new and creative ways to incorporate it in to your special day!