Forget Boring Bridesmaids

Forget Boring Bridesmaids

Forget Boring Bridesmaids. Mobile Image

Aug 27, 2015

For too long, brides have been in a funk of picking out boring, common for their bridesmaids. We say out with the old, and in the new! Designers are releasing fashion forward, gorgeous styles of bridesmaids dresses that will compliment your gown, and tie your whole wedding together. Don't be afraid to step out of the box thinking that all the attention will be shifted from you to your bridesmaids. It won't! Your dress will always be the center of attention. So, you should feel comfortable putting your bridesmaids in stunning styles.


Some of our favorite designers like Sorella Vita, Dessy, and Bill Levkoff are changing the game with bold bridesmaids dresses. Here are some of our favorites:

sorellasparkle sorellasparkle2

Sparkle is back with a bang! Sorella Vita utilizes sequins in soft colors to create a glamorous, chic look.

aftersix' dessylace

Dessy and After Six have these gorgeous, unique bridesmaids gowns. Lace is an elegant choice that can transform your bridal party. And cap sleeves with a flowy skirt is a choice that will not only add a beautiful touch to your wedding, but let your bridesmaids feel comfortable, too!

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