Wedding Planning Tips....How to Make it Less Stressful!

Wedding Planning Tips....How to Make it Less Stressful!

Wedding Planning Tips....How to Make it Less Stressful!. Mobile Image

Jul 29, 2015

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Have you just recently got engaged?  Have you started planning your wedding yet?  If so, this is a blog you will want to read!  I am sure you have been telling yourself that a year is plenty of time to plan a wedding, which it is but there is no time for procrastination.  Planning ahead is key to a stress free wedding planning process, if you can stick to these tips, you will be all set when the day comes!


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Tip 1: Set a budget- This will help you plan everything else.  A budget helps you to make decisions accordingly and keeps a cap on your spending.  Any vendor you go to will ask you your budget before anything else, this way they know what they are working with and so do you!  Your wedding gown plays a huge part in your budget as well, when you go shopping for gowns, the first thing the consultant will ask you is, what is your budget? This way they know what to pull for you and it gives them a better idea of what you are looking for.  Buying a dress should be the first thing you do after you set your budget.


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Tip 2: Find out your number of guests- Sit down and write out how many people you want to invite that will fit into your budget.  Once you do this, you can send out save-the-dates and keep the ball rolling.  From there you send out invites, when you have received the number of guests coming, start on the seating chart.  Brides say this is one of the most stressful parts of planning, a way to minimize that is to stay ahead of the curve and do it as early as you can.


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Tip 3: Finalize details- 2-6 weeks before the wedding day, finalize details, by this time you should be wrapping things up and working out any minor details. This leaves you plenty of time to fix anything that you are not happy with or adding anything in. By not procrastinating, you are sure to have a stress-free time planning your wedding.