A Guide to Bridal Trunk Shows

A Guide to Bridal Trunk Shows

A Guide to Bridal Trunk Shows. Mobile Image

Jul 16, 2015

What exactly is trunk show?

We get this question all the time.

And we're here to clear up the confusion. For good.



Bring people who are important to you. Usually this means mom, or sisters, or a close friend. Don't overload yourself with opinions and differing voices. You might get confused. So bring along 2-3 people that you're close to, who you believe could help you make your final decision. A representative or designer from the company sometimes accompanies their new collection across country, offering advice, expertise and customization options.



A trunk show is a special event offered by a designer, and hosted by an authorized retail store. That means the designer sends the newest collection of dresses to a local store, before it even hits the shelves! It's an exclusive preview of what the next season will bring. And usually, a special deal is offered during the trunk show only. Retailers have permission from the designer to offer promotional pricing during trunk shows.



Trunk shows can happen at any time throughout the year. Usually, you'll find the most trunk shows popping up in Spring and Fall, in coordination with new season launches. But designers will often schedule trunk shows periodically throughout the year. Be sure to check your favorite designers websites, and the websites of local stores to find a trunk show happening near you. Trunk shows usually run for 2-3 days.



Local businesses!



For you! Brides benefit from trunk shows by getting the opportunity to see way more dresses from designers than they usually would be able to. They also get special promotional pricing, the opportunity to meet with a representative from the designer, and more!



Whether you've just begun your search or you've been looking for weeks, trunk shows are the perfect opportunity to snag your dream gown at a great price.