Modern Metallic Is Finally Here!!

Modern Metallic Is Finally Here!!

Modern Metallic Is Finally Here!!. Mobile Image

Jun 18, 2015

Everyone loves a little sparkle...or a lot!! This season sparkle has taken the spotlight and is shining brightly. A good way to add a little fun to your wedding is by adding a touch of sparkle to it. This season features bridesmaids dresses in many different colored sequins. Who doesn't love that? These Modern Metallic dresses have a subtle sparkle that makes these dresses unique without being overpowering.  This is just one way to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your wedding day!  You can also add this with fun accessories such as belts, jewelry, shoes, and headbands.


Modern Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

These sequin bridesmaids dresses are fun and unique to have as part of your wedding day! It adds a touch of sparkle without overtaking the beauty of the bride. The sequins are matte in color so they are not overwhelming to look at, but add a subtle hint of color to your special day. These Modern Metallic gowns come in a variety of colors that will go with any venue and any color arrangement.


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Adding some accessories is another great way to give your wedding day a little flare. Whether it be some sparkly shoes or some jewelry to accessorize the day of, this a great way to make your special day unique. Depending on how much bling you are looking to add, it is simple and easy to do. Something as easy as a pair of earrings can give you the subtle sparkle you are looking for.  If you are looking to really jazz it up, you can add a flashy headband and some cute, fun, sparkly shoes as well. The more shine, the better this season!!  Another way to incorporate sparkly color in to your wedding day is by adding it to your floral arrangements on the tables, anything is possible. It gives you a way to be creative and have fun with a twist.


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So no matter how you choose to add a little bling to your wedding day, there are a million and one options on how it can be done.

Whether it be a bridesmaid dress, a unique touch to your table arrangements, or some accessories, it is simple and fun. It is your personal touch for your special day, have fun with it and make it your own!