What To Expect...When You're Doing a Destination Wedding!

What To Expect...When You're Doing a Destination Wedding!

What To Expect...When You're Doing a Destination Wedding!. Mobile Image

Jun 10, 2015

So you and your fiancee have chosen to go off the beaten path and choose a destination wedding.  How exciting! It's an amazing way to get loved ones together for a special occasion and create a lifetime of memories.  But it can all be so overwhelming on where to begin or even where to start and look for planners, florists, venues in a location you are unfamiliar with.  And we luckily are here to give you a few tips!

The internet is your best friend during this process.  


First off begin with searching for local wedding planners in the destination you want to go to.

Call a couple and just essentially explain that you are from out of town and what your vision, most importantly do they have experience planning out of town weddings.  As well try to look up reviews on the planners.  


Narrow down your choice for your planner after consulting with a few, to the individual who you best mesh with and feel understands your vision the most, and is willing to work with you thoroughly since you are from out of town. Now we have our planner! Phew!


Next is venues and pictures, this will help you out a lot as well as reading reviews left by other travelers who have gone and experienced that resort. Your planner should have experience in planning this type of out of town wedding, and i would rely also on their opinion choice of venues.




The next step is how you will be getting to your destination. You will need to schedule flights for your fiancee and you, along with the family and friends that will be attending the occasion. Also you need to figure out how your guest can book their rooms and make sure they have an itinerary to go off of. This will help with the timeline as far as when rooms and flights need to be booked and how far in advance it needs to be done.




Now we are ready to go! Let's pack! You will need to makes sure your wedding day items are tucked away and ready to go.  These are the things we cannot forget.  First, lets start with the obvious the dress.  Pack as if it's your wedding day, and what are the items you'd put on.  The dress, the shoes, jewelry, veil, any accessories you are planning to wear that day. And of course...THE RINGS!  For the groom, do the exact same, pack as though he is getting married that day.  His tux,  and every part that comes along with it, his shoes, cuff-lings, tie/bow tie.


Another super helpful tip, plan your outfits beforehand for every event.  And pack them together with accessories.




Finally! You have arrived at your destination, ready for your big day! So have fun, enjoy, and remember do no let the small things get you down. It's your wedding day!!!