All There is to Know About Martina Liana Collection...(get excited)...

All There is to Know About Martina Liana Collection...(get excited).... Mobile Image

May 13, 2015

Martina Liana is bridal gown designer from Australia, she is the single handed designer for her collection.  Her designs are all her image and construction, down to every single bead, it has been placed there because of what her vision is for every dress. There is something very cohesive about her designs because of the fact she is the single design artist.  Her dresses are drama, they are sexy, but elegant all at the same time.  They are the most perfect amount of vintage and classic that  you can find in a gown, but with an updated twist.


The gowns are timeless.  They are not just an investment for that special day, but for the memories that the bride will forever have in that dress.  A gown her daughter will want to try on and possibly wear because it has no time era, it is perfect no matter what the year.




Martina Liana gowns are a one-of-a-kind and have everything a bride could want for their dream wedding dress! Her designs are all couture gowns that embody radiance and confidence in any bride. These gowns are magical and are a piece of a very special day that will be remembered for an eternity...because pictures never die. Martina puts so much thought into her designs and embellishment, everything is so intricately placed, making these gowns so unique and fabulous!




A bridal gown is more than just something a bride will wear once. She will replay the memories of her day in her mind for years to come and pictures of her will be passed down for generations. A brides love story inspires us and this is why we love creating magical and unforgettable gowns, said Martine. This was a quote spoken by Martine herself! If this doesn't make you fall in love with her gowns than I don't know what will. Her gowns are statement pieces as well as exquisite masterpieces that fit a women's body perfectly.


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