What Fit "Fit's" Your Wedding?

What Fit "Fit's" Your Wedding?

What Fit "Fit's" Your Wedding?. Mobile Image

May 06, 2015

When you envision yourself on your wedding day...what do you see yourself in?  Is it that traditional big gown that you have imagined since a little girl, or a sleek gown fitted to your body?  In the world of bridal there are many fits that a bride can choose from. From A-line gowns, to ball gowns....mermaids to fit and flare and even sheath. These are all styles you can choose from to make your special day everything you always wanted!

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Natural waist hits at the smallest point of a woman's body, giving her the classic silhouette. This can accentuate any body type. This is a very flattering look for a lot of brides looking to accentuate their waist-line. A-line hits below your natural waist, hitting closer to your hips giving you more shape and height creating the illusion of a longer..more slender waist line. This style dress flatters best a triangle shape body type and is also known as the "Princess Silhouette". The classic A-line gown is a very versatile gown... 


Next we will be talking about the difference between the mermaid gown and the sheath gown. They are both very flattering styles yet have an entirely different look to them. The mermaid really accentuates an hour glass figure on brides with a curvy shape. A mermaid is similar to a fit and flare, but a mermaid fits tightly all the way until the knee, which does restrict movement for the day.....so if you are planning on dancing a lot throughout the night, be conscious of this when choosing this shape. A sheath gown is a sleek and straight style gown that is perfect for that destination beach wedding! This dress will hug every curve of your body accentuating all of your features, giving it that effortless feel with the look of elegance. This type of gown works better for a taller stature because of the way the dress lays on the body.


Whichever style you choose to wear on your special day, know that you have many options in the fits you can choose from. So no matter what style or shape you are looking for, there is one out there for you! Whether it be a classic ball gown or a simple sheath dress...find what fits you!