The Unveiling Of The New Veil

The Unveiling Of The New Veil

The Unveiling Of The New Veil. Mobile Image

Apr 22, 2015

Whats the new veil you ask? 

The new veil is the combination of sophistication and elegance with the essence of subtlety. People say that the veil is what makes the day special because brides have worn dresses before, and jewelry but when have they ever worn a veil. This is what makes them a bride!  But the combination of a beautiful gown that is a symbol of the joyous day and journey that is to become the rest of your life, with the added gleam of a soft veil to show the brides beauty but leaves the guests in awe and excitement as the groom lifts the veil for the first time.


Fingertip Veil



The finger tip veil comes in length as the name says, your finger tips.  It offers the hint of drama that a longer veil provides but the move-ability of a shorter veil.  It's complimentary with almost every dress type. Its a light weight feeling veil and for brides who want to wear their veil from the "i do's" till the reception, this will be an ideal veil length for them.


The Cathedral Veil

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The Cathedral Length Veil.  As grand as it as grand as this one gets.  The cathedral length veil is usually about the length of the train of your wedding gown, and sometimes longer.  It can make a simple dress have the biggest impact and statement.  The cathedral veil  can be worn with simple edges or no design at all, or have elaborate lace detail or flanked with stunning rhinestones on the edges.  This veil makes a grand entrance at any wedding and is as elegant as it gets.


The Blusher Veil

The quintessential bridal statement.  The blusher veil.  Long gone are the days of heavy netting hiding the brides face, now its all about the elegance of a sheer veil to keep the guests wanting more.  It embraces the brides beauty and gives her the touch of a traditional bride, but with her own flare to it. Whatever veil you decide to wear the day of your wedding will make you feel like a bride.  Whether it'll be simple elegant finger tip length or dramatic cathedral veil, depending on the venue of your wedding the veil can be chosen accordingly.  These are all great options for any bride!