10 Things Your Wedding Consultant Wishes You Knew

10 Things Your Wedding Consultant Wishes You Knew

10 Things Your Wedding Consultant Wishes You Knew. Mobile Image

Apr 07, 2015

Trying to find your dream dress can be a very stressful process if you are not prepared for it. There are do's and don'ts that come along with shopping for gowns. Having guidelines to follow during the process can help make a smoother experience for the bride. Here are a few tips to that will help you the day off wedding dress shopping!


Don't hold back your true feelings about a dress!

It is important for the bride to be very honest and vocal with the consultant, this way the consultant has accurate information and feedback and is able to help you with your selection. You are looking for your dream dress so do not hold back your feelings.




Don't try on to many dresses!

In order to keep from being overwhelmed, limit the amount of dresses you try on. You do not want to get confused with the process. When you try on to many dresses you are not able to think clearly about what you want.  An easy fix is to start with a few and work from there, this keeps the process enjoyable



Keep your makeup light!

Your makeup should be at a bare minimum when trying on dresses because it can stain the material of the dress. Try and stay away from bold eye-shadows, lipstick and bronzer. Keep it simple so you are not worrying about it the day of dress shopping. It also takes away from the dress when you overdue the makeup, you want to focus only on the dress and not anything else.


Don't try on a dress outside your budget!

If a dress is outside of your price range, do not try it on! Brides will just try something on for fun but in the end it ends up disappointing and confusing for them. The consultant will usually advise against trying anything on outside their budget.


Don't try on a dress that is smaller than your current size!

Always order the dress in the size that you are at that time. If it is to big you can always take the dress in, but taking the dress out is more difficult. Some brides say they are going to work out and lose weight but that does not always happen because planning a wedding is stressful and that can cause brides to gain instead of lose. It is better to not worry about your weight and know that your dress will fit you perfectly when it is all said and done.


Keep your group limited!

It is not the best idea to bring a large group of people with you to your try-on appointment, especially your first appointment. There are to many opinions from to many different people and it can confuse the bride. One to two people is a good amount to start with, this keeps the appointment fun and enjoyable.


Give yourself plenty of time to dress shop!

You do not want to wait until the last minute to start dress shopping! It is better to start early so you do not get stressed out about your dress not getting ordered in time. Play it safe and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find your dream dress!



Remember to bring spanx!

Proper undergarments are necessary for an efficient and smooth bridal appointment. Every bride can benefit from spanx and it makes trying on gowns so much easier! It gives you a foundation support to work with and makes it easier to get the dresses on.


Don't wait for tears to confirm that you have found "the one"

Every bride is different and they all express their feelings and emotions differently. Not every bride has an obvious emotion when she connects with the dress and that is OK. They all have the same significance when they find the right one. Some brides have that magical moment and others express it differently. jilted_bride_0309


Always try to make an appointment!

Do not wait until last minute to make an appointment to try on dresses because it can result in shortened time with a consultant and frustration. You want to make sure you have plenty of time to find your dream dress and by making an appointment ahead of time can ensure you have that. You want to be able to secure a spot so you are prepared and the bridal shop is prepared as well. This helps make the less stressful and more enjoyable.