Bridal Hair: Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration!

Bridal Hair: Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration!

Bridal Hair: Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration!. Mobile Image

Sep 03, 2014



Bridal hair can be really tricky, which is why it's important to bring pictures to your trial, and to be honest with your hairdresser about what you do/do not like! 

There are so many options for bridal hairstyles, but sometimes brides struggle with finding the perfect style to match their dress and makeup. If you're in need of some inspiration, we're here to help! 


Long Hair/Medium Hair

Of course, brides with long hair tend to have the most options for hairstyles. Your hairdresser will know how to secure your hair into any style, making it comfortable and long lasting for your special day. You can stick with a classic updo:


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But there are also so many different, unique options to choose from. Try a braided updo for a more modern, bohemian look. 


Wrap-Around-Wedding-Braid-Updo (1)

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Half-up/Half-down styles are also a pretty popular choice for brides, as they are elegant and simple. These also tend to be very comfortable styles, and you'll worry less about pins falling out. 


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Possibly the most uncommon hairstyle among brides is just leaving the hair down altogether. This look is typically considered informal, but with the proper styling it can be just as formal as an updo. Clean curls or waves can give off an effortless classic Hollywood vibe, and it is a more comfortable hairstyle than an updo.

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Short Hair

Things can be a little bit more difficult for brides with short hair, but with a talented hairdresser you can have all the options that girls with long hair have! Updos tend to be the most popular option for brides with short hair, and with good reason. Hairdressers can typically manage to do any updo, regardless of the hair length.


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Half-up/Half-down hairstyles are definitely a possibility with short hair, too. And they look very polished, perfect for your wedding day!




And short haired brides can even wear their hair down! Just be sure to ask for a lot of volume, or even pin your bangs back to make the look more formal.


As far as the day of your wedding goes, you want to make sure you have a little emergency kit put together for the big day, just in case anything happens. Bobby pins, travel size hair spray, a comb, and even a little dry shampoo can come in handy in case of emergency.


Be sure to keep updated on new trends by subscribing to Pinterest boards all about hair, and even Instagram has profiles that focus solely on hair. 


Good luck!