Bridal Gown Shopping 101

Bridal Gown Shopping 101

Bridal Gown Shopping 101. Mobile Image

Aug 19, 2014

The Organized Bride


Congratulations, you're engaged! With that pretty little ring come big plans, so how do you stay calm and avoid a bridezilla moment? Plan! By knowing your timeline, with proper planning, and organization will give you a stress free bridal experience to remember.


1 year to go! 

Get the gown! Before going to look for a dress, try to get some style inspiration, know your budget, and bring with you that special someone whose opinions matter most to you. Always do your best to make an appointment to try dresses on, this allows you to get personalized one on one service. If you have a full year or more before your wedding and you go to just look expect to find your dress. Purchasing at the first store on the first day is not unheard of and theres no such thing as getting a dress too early but you never want to be too late.


8 Months!

This is the perfect time to gather up your girls and go bridesmaids dress shopping! Usually, where you purchase your gown they will offer bridesmaids dresses that complement the style of your wedding gown.  Full service Bridal Salons put their expertise to help minimize your stress and facilitate the bridesmaids dress ordering process.


6 months!

 Accessories complete your look on your big day, finding the right headpiece, veil, bridal jewelry is a must. Taking the time to book your appointment with your Bridal Shop to find these accessories and order them will put you ahead of the game! Your consultant will help you with accessories as well, they will act as your stylist as you try on different things with your dress. Also, this is a good time to start looking for that perfect and comfortable pair of bridal shoes which will be needed for your first fitting. Once you have found your shoes, this is a great time to call your bridal salon to schedule your first dress fitting!


 8 to 6 weeks, time flies!

 Your gown is here! Grab your shoes and head to your first fitting! 8 weeks is a good time to start fittings, but if youre an out of town bride and you live farther from your store, ask your consultant about exactly when to book your fittings, they are happy to work with your schedule and accommodate your travel plans. Your first fitting is the bulk of the work, be sure to give yourself a solid hour appointment with the seamstress. Always trust the seamstress and your consultant during this phase, you will have a second fitting where more minor tailoring will be done and possibly a third fitting if necessary!


 5 to 4 weeks, so close!

 Your second fitting will take place during this time, again, bring your shoes and a buddy! You will see how the dress fits you, youll walk, sit, and maybe dance a little to see how the dress feels. At this appointment, youll need someone to accompany you in order to learn how to bustle your dress and get you in the dress.


 2 to 1 week!

 Final fitting time when needed! This is generally a quick appointment, go put on your dress make sure youre comfortable in it, you can walk and sit easily. Try on your accessories one last time and book a pickup appointment.


 Day before, day of!

Congratulations! Pick up your freshly pressed and steamed gown! Remember, do not plan on trying your gown on when you pick it up, since it has been properly fitted with a bust form, pressed and steamed and ready to go!


Day of!


Have fun, enjoy your magical night!