Wedding Tips for Every Bride

Wedding Tips for Every Bride

Wedding Tips for Every Bride. Mobile Image

Jun 02, 2014

The many months that go into planning your big day can seem like a massive hurdle for some brides-to-be, but others seem to just have a knack for planning and smooth sailing; so how do they do it? Here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully lead up to the most wonderful and magical day of your life!


Tip #1: SHOES! 


Every girl wants a fabulous pair of new shoes on their wedding day; but whether you choose sneakers or stilettos always remember to break them in well before the big day! Be sure to scuff up the bottoms - either go outside and scrape them against pavement or scratch them with scissors, this allows for some friction against your venue floor, carpet or hardwood, no falling brides here! Shoes a bit too tight? Take a blow dryer, put it on maximum heat and blow the inside and outside of the shoe for a few minutes then immediately take your perfectly manicured feet slip on some big socks and slip that foot in your shoe and walk around a bit; you may need to this a few times but it will leave your toes un-pinched and relaxed.


Tip #2: Focus on the really important stuff.
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Every vendor will tell you their role in the wedding is the most important, which could have you pouring in the dollars on things you really don't need. There are three things that should take priority;


1. Your dress (of course!): If there ever was a place to blow a budget it is on a fabulous gown. We know, "but it's only worn once," that once is a pretty important day! You want to look and feel your absolute best, so don't settle!


2. Your photographer: It is crucial to have a reliable photographer who will do a good a job, a photo lasts a lifetime, and those memories need to be captured with a skilled professional. Take your time in finding exactly what you want from a photographer. Be sure you like their style, and the package you have chosen before committing.


3. Your venue: Be sure the ceremony, the most important part of the big day, reflects you and your groom. Your ceremony should feel intimate and special; something that is shared with those you love and care for the most. Then, choose a reception venue that reflects your style and allows you and your guests that chance to relax and celebrate!


Tip #3: Don't worry!!
It is silly to stress over flowers, cake, or an overbearing bridesmaid. No one knows exactly what you had in mind except you! So if one little flower is out of season, or the cake is the wrong color, don't fret! It all looks perfect to your guests! They are there to support you and your hubby, to celebrate and have fun, and not to nit-pick over tiny details. As for an unruly wedding party, this is your day, they've either already had their day or their day will come, focus on you and your and beau and enjoy this process, after all it is once in a lifetime.