What is a Bridal Trunk Show?

What is a Bridal Trunk Show?. Mobile Image

May 22, 2014

We get asked this question all the time: 'What exactly is a Trunk Show?' So, we've got the answer for you! Happy gown shopping!


Whether youve just begun your search for the perfect gown or have been looking, a trunk show is a great opportunity to find the dress of your dreams.


So what exactly is a trunk show? A trunk is offered by the designer and hosted by an authorized retail store; the designer sends the newest dresses and accessories for brides to preview the new collection before it even hits stores!


Trunk shows generally go on for about two or three days, in which the retailer has permission from the designer to not only allow brides to try these amazing new gowns on but also to offer promotional pricing on all their dresses; so even if your dream dress isnt from the newest collection, you still get an awesome deal only offered at that event! A representative or designer from the company sometimes accompanies their new collection across country, offering advice, expertise and customization options.

The Bella Bridal Gallery staff with our Sophia Tolli rep at an exclusive trunk show event

The Bella Bridal Gallery staff with our Sophia Tolli rep at an exclusive trunk show event[/caption] When making your appointment for a trunk show, be sure you're able to bring those that you need there to help make your decision; as mentioned earlier these shows are only for a limited time, and the dresses leave the store to travel the rest of the country. It is also good to note that most stores offer the best deal when it is your first appointment with them.


Trunk shows not only offer budget-friendly, brand new designs, but they are also a lot of fun for the boutique and it's customers!


The excitement surrounding a trunk show is contagious and will have you giddy and ready to be the fabulous blushing bride you are!