Fall's best color: Charcoal

Fall's best color: Charcoal

Fall's best color: Charcoal. Mobile Image

Sep 25, 2013

We have seen a prominent shift in the colors that brides and grooms are using in their weddings for their bridal party.  While the black tuxedo was the staple go-to for the groom and his attendants, we are now hearing more buzz about charcoal suits.  


There are many reasons why charcoal has become so popular.  

Let's take a look at why!


1. It's Still Formal - Charcoal is a great departure from the staunch black tuxedo, but still allows for a formal look without being too trendy. It's a color that won't scream 2013/2014 when brides look back on their pictures 20 years from now.

Daniel Hechter Plain Organic Wool Suit, Charcoal Groomswear Suit Ideas | Wedding Suits For A Groom

2. Both Sides Can Wear It - Groomsmen aren't the only ones that get to look snazzy in charcoal. Brides are continually looking at charcoal as their main color for their bridesmaids because of its versatility.  It works with all hair colors and skin tones, making it an easy choice to avoid any unflattering hues.

Sorella Vita

3. It Works With Flowers - Brides don't have to worry about which color flowers they pick. Charcoal provides the perfect backdrop and lets every color pop.  This is excellent for pictures, which will draw attention to the dramatic color of the dresses as well as the dramatic color of the flowers.  Even yellow - one of the trickiest accent colors - looks great next to charcoal! charcoal bridesmaids with yellow bouquets

4. Short Or Long - Charcoal dresses look good in both styles, short and long.  If brides want an even more formal feel to their day, long charcoal dresses amp up the elegance.  On the other hand, if a bride wants a more rustic, vintage feel for her wedding, short charcoal dresses fit in perfectly. bridesmaids | Charcoal | bow short Empire white bouquet | Wed Society   ALFRED SUNG BRIDESMAIDS: ALFRED SUNG D 495

5. You Can Rock Accessories - Any color that you choose as an accent next to the charcoal dress would match perfectly. Deep purples, vibrant citrine or muted peridot  all work beautifully.  Any jewelry that the bride wants to go with the dresses for her bridesmaids will work.  Even metallics, like gold, silver and gunmetal can complement a charcoal dress. charcoal grey glitter!!!

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