Moving into Fall

Moving into Fall

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Sep 04, 2013

September is a month that marks a beautiful transition from summer into fall.  The palette that nature has to offer at this time of year has steadily drawn couples into booking late summer/early fall weddings.  


While summer was filled with neutral tones and soft champagnes, fall is shaping up to be a bold, jewel-toned spectrum of color. Brides are consistently asking for deep corals, persimmon and fuchsia.  


While all three of these colors could work together in perfect harmony for a stunning floral arrangement, they are all prominent enough on their own.  Pair any of these with an off-white background of calla lilies or peonies and you have an elegant and sophisticated pop of color that doesn't scream spring.  


These colors next to the bride are classic, yet bold enough to let the bride stand out.

bouquet of coral peonies and orange tulips, snapdragons and ranunculus. Bill Levkoff (156; Persimmon). Available at Rosalin's Bridal. $159

Fall foliage also lends itself to gorgeous design ideas for reception ambiance. Leaves, twigs and branches can create a rustic and inviting space for guests when used as a centerpiece, while still being full of color. Maple leaves, twine and corn husks can all be used as decorative elements in many places such as escort cards, invitations or centerpieces.  


Barn weddings are becoming exceedingly popular with brides because of the simplistic and cozy feel that they exude to guests.  


These weddings achieve a breathtaking backdrop while feeling effortless.

fall wedding, natural corn husks fall wedding escort cards fall wedding centerpiece idea with branches.

Another spectacular design element for fall weddings is lighting.  Flickering candles or soft incandescent lights can beautifully play off of the sublime fall color tones, brightening the backdrop for these colors just enough to be illuminated and enlivened.  


Lighting can be incorporated in many ways, such as tea lights, exposed light bulbs or white twinkle lights.  Gold plays a beautiful role in a fall wedding, and can be fused with the corals and oranges to create spectacular illumination.

Candle Light Romance: With burnt orange, Plum, Chocolate, Ivory and Champagne colors This low arrangement features parrot tulips, oranges, persimmons and roses in a ... table decorating...fall wedding fall wedding ambiance

Autumn weddings have unlimited possibilities.  The brilliant colors that are evident in nature this time of year can inspire unique decorations, lighting and theme ideas that can be tailored to perfectly suit the bride and groom's vision for their wedding day.  


Have fun with the beauty found in nature for that beautiful wedding palette!


**All pictures found on Pinterest and pinned to our boards.