The Natural Waistline

The Natural Waistline

The Natural Waistline. Mobile Image

Oct 02, 2012

The natural waistline is a style made famous by the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. With a slightly retro feel, this look is elegant and manages to accentuate your best features. The natural waist is the smallest part of your midsection, and is therefore one of the most flattering cuts. It focuses all the attention onto your waist and makes it look smaller.


This style was extremely popular in the 1920s, but it's making a comeback in the modern day.


This gorgeous Victor Harper wedding gown takes advantage of the natural waist style. The stunning skirt adds to the accentuation of the waist, and the high neckline creates a beautiful silhouette.


The detailed belt pulls everything together for a clean, finished look. The natural waistline is a look to consider when shopping for wedding dresses in the upcoming months.


The flattering style brings a modern twist to a classic look.