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Bella Bridal Gallery has officially re-opened, and we are more excited than ever to help you find your dream wedding dress! With all of the changes that have happened, we understand that brides may be in a rush to get their wedding dresses, and we are here to help. In addition to helping you find the dress you’ve been dreaming of, our number one priority is the safety of our brides, their guests, and our staff. Here’s what to expect during your bridal appointment:

1. Appointments are required

While we have always tried our best to accommodate walk-ins, appointments are now required to enter the shop. We are sanitizing dressing rooms, seating areas, and high traffic spots in between appointments, so we need to know who is coming into the shop and when. You can book your appointment easily online here: or call us at 248-539-9800.

2. Masks are mandatory

Masks are mandatory for everyone entering the shop. Think of all of the stories you will tell your grandchildren when you explain to them that you were a “covid bride”. This may not be how you envisioned your wedding dress shopping, but we promise we will make your shopping experience unforgettably special.

3. Browsing welcome

You are still welcome to browse the gowns during your try on appointment, but if you are uncomfortable going through the dresses, your professional consultant will do the work for you. Your consultant will ask you what your style preferences are and pull gowns that meet your needs. They know the inventory like the back of their hand, and with a little bit of input from you, they can be sure to find your dream dress. Feel free to show us your Pinterest board for inspiration!

4. Have fun!

Despite all of the changes going on, your wedding dress shopping experience can still be fun and easy! You’ve been waiting a lifetime to marry the love of your life, and we will do everything in our power to make your experience memorable. If you’re ready to find your dream dress, book your appointment now and we will help you say YES!

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You said yes to the dress! Now its time for alterations. The alteration process is necessary for any wedding dress to fit like a glove. Adding a bustle is a standard part of excellent alterations. Bustles are added during the alteration process because each dress and each girl is unique, so the bustle needs to be custom made to make sure that the back of the dress is lifted to the exact right hem length.

After the wedding ceremony, and all of your pictures, you can bustle your dress so that you can move comfortably for the rest of the night. You’ll be able to enjoy dancing and mingling at your reception without your train getting in your way. Bustles are mostly functional, but it is still important that you like the way that it looks. During the alteration process, the seamstress will pin the bustle different ways so that you can see your options and choose the best one for your dress.

Bring someone with you to your final fitting so that they can learn how to bustle your dress properly. There are usually several buttons, loops, hooks, or ribbons that will be inconspicuously placed on top or underneath the train of your wedding gown in order to lift it off of the floor. Remember, the longer and more detailed the train is, the more elaborate and time consuming the bustling process may be, so make sure you choose someone that you trust to get the job done.

The two most popular types of bustles are the Traditional bustle and the French bustle. The Traditional bustle is when the fabric is gathered, fastened, and tucked on top of the back of the gown.

The French bustle is when is when the fabric is tucked underneath the dress creating a cascading look.

Talk with the seamstress about the best bustle options for the fabric and style of your wedding gown, and choose which one you like best!

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Place someone in charge of handing out tips to any vendors the day of your wedding. The last thing that you need to worry about on your wedding day is making sure you have money available and rummaging through your purse. Separate out tips for each person and label them in separate envelopes. Then put someone in charge, like your parents or maid of honor, to hand them out at the end of the night.



Gather anything that you will need the day of your wedding and the day after and pack everything away in your car. Whatever you need for getting ready in the morning, bridal party gifts, accessories, phone chargers, and anything you may need for your honeymoon if your are leaving right away should all be packed the night before. This will save you the stress from worrying about forgetting anything, and all you have to do the morning of  your wedding is focus on getting married and enjoying your day.


The night before your wedding is NOT the time to add anything new to your routine. You never know how your skin will react to a new product, and it’s best to play it safe and stick with things that your normally use and that you know will work for you.


Take this time to send a little appreciation to all of the people who have helped you along the wedding planning process. A hand written note to parents, in-laws, your maid of honor and even your partner will make them feel special and show how grateful you are for these special people in your life. This is also a good time to go over your vows one last time if you are writing your own.



It can be hard to be relaxed and get some rest the night before your wedding, but try your best. Your wedding day will be a long one, and it will go by fast. This is not the night to be up late drinking with friends. You want to make sure you are well rested, focused, and ready to go for your special day. Enjoy it!


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Congratulations! You just got engaged and you can barely contain your excitement! But in between getting lost in the sparkle of your shiny new engagement ring the being flooded with questions from your loved ones, it’s hard to know where to start your planning. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of endless Pinterest wedding planning, but these are the things that you should focus on tackling first.


The first thing you’ll  need to know when you start wedding planning is your date. If you aren’t set on one particular date, such as your grandparents anniversary, choose a few, especially if you are getting married during a popular season like June or if you have your heart set on a popular venue.



Some venues are booked over a year in advance, so booking soon should be a priority. The venue will help to set the tone for the wedding theme, and will help you decide on what kind of dress to look for. If you’re getting married on the beach you are going to be shopping for a completely different dress than you would be shopping for if you were getting married in a castle.



Aim to purchase your wedding dress nine to twelve months before the wedding, if possible. Most special ordered wedding gowns can take up to six months to come in. Giving yourself ample time for your dress to arrive, be altered, pressed and ready for your big day will alleviate a lot of stress.



Send your save the dates shortly after your engagement so that your guests will have plenty of time to plan on coming to the wedding. Remember, save the dates should only be sent to people who you plan on sending a formal invitation. If you have a lot of out of town guests or if you are getting married during a popular time, letting them know as soon as possible will allow them to make the proper accommodations.




If you’re looking for a magical theme for your wedding, Disney World can offer everything you need to have that special day every little girl dreams of! From the cake to the bridal accessories, you can incorporate your favorite Disney moments that every guest will love. Here are a few ideas that could make your Disney Wedding a day to remember.

1. The Cake


Have your favorite classic Disney movie make your cake into a masterpiece that your guests will rave about!

2. Table Decor


It’s the details that can make your wedding memorable! These creative centerpieces tie in nicely with the theme of your Disney wedding.

3. Bridal Accessories!


And finally, the most important way to incorporate Disney into your wedding is by dressing yourself up in it! By adding these Disney accessories to your look can make you look and feel like a true Disney princess.

Anyway you add Disney into your wedding will give you that fun, festive flair your wedding needs. We wish you the best of luck in achieving the perfect Disney wedding. and can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with!


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For generations lace wedding gowns have been a timeless go-to for brides, over the years the cut, silhouette and build of dresses has changed but designers turn to lace to add a traditional aspect to their collection. With so many varieties of lace, ranging from delicate to dazzling, seen on almost everyone from Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian; how do you know what type of lace is right for you? 

The most popular and traditional type of lace is Chantilly lace; characterized by its boulder outline of the floral pattern, scalloped edging and eyelashes, this type of lace is typically made of silk. This lace has been most used since as far back as the 17th Century, and was one of the four laces used on Kate Middleton’s famous wedding gown. Chantilly lace ranges in price due to the amount of silk blends used these days, the more silk the most costly. Silk being a very delicate fabric, needs to be not only handled properly through the alterations process but also properly preserved in order to prevent discoloration and tearing. 

Another vintage lace that has become prominent in bridal fashion is Alençon lace. Featuring rose patterns with raised cording, however much softer than Chantilly, feeling similar to cotton backed by netting. This is typically the laced used for appliques throughout a gown or veil. This type of lace is perfect for adding to a gown, either as appliques or edging, it can be used for your veil or headpiece as well. Also a very recognizable lace, used in bridal fashion for centuries, a truly traditional piece. 

A more modern lace, newly introduce this season is cotton lace. This is a much thicker lace, adding a bohemian chic look to gowns. Typically a more European style cotton lace, which looks completely different than its competition, with its bulky patterns ranging from floral to abstract. This is also a very soft lace, as it is made of cotton. A more fashion forward lace, adding structure to gowns, creating a better fit than some of its more delicate counterparts. 



Weddings have so many traditions, it can sometimes be difficult to remember them all; so which ones should you keep up with and which ones to pass on? Here are our recommendations! 
Essense of Australia's bold and elegant gown features a figure-flattering asymmetrical ruched bodice, and billowing layers of Royal Organza throughout its A-Line skirt.
Definitely wear a wedding gown! As frugal as some brides are, passing up wearing a wedding gown is not recommended. You don’t need to go with the huge ball gown, but you do want to wear something that lets you stand out and shine on your big day; you want to be noticeable in the crowd, so look for something that compliments your style, makes a statement and is you times two! Note that you don’t need to keep the tradition of wearing white, in fact majority of brides wear ivory or champagne as it is more flattering to most skin tones, giving you that bridal glow instead of a washed out drab. This fall, blush pink is our go-to, it’s allure and romance is stunning and unique creating a memorable statement. 
 Cool wedding photo
Veils and blushers were originally used to ward off evil spirits for a new bride, these days wearing a veil is personal preference. There are so many options for accessories, depending on your gown, venue and theme, you may choose to not wear a veil. You may have always imagined yourself wearing the whole bridal ensemble, but if a veil just doesn’t seem to look right, or makes you feel silly, don’t worry, it’s not a must these days. If you do decide to keep this tradition remember, your accessories should complete the look, not BE the look. You don’t want to over accessorize, taking away from your face or not looking like yourself can give you regrets once your pictures come back. 
Sapphire Blue Crystal Teardrop Earrings in by CJRoseBoutique, $38.00 'Something blue' If these were pink they'd be perfectLight Blue Nails. Perfect for your something blue! #wedding #somethingblue
One tradition we love? Something blue! We adore the lovely blue shoes or touch of blue in the accessories. This tradition is so sweet, symbolizing purity, love and fidelity; but to us it is much more stylish. A little pop of color adds fun and excitement to your look. A hint of blue in earrings will bring attention up to your face, also adding detail to portrait photos. Blue shoes makes for some adorable photos as well, it also peaks through as you walk down the isle, taking the eye from your perfectly manicured toes then up to your glowing face.  

A whimsical wedding can be as romantic as it is unpredictable; we’re thinking light, airy and playful for your big day. Tie in a wisps of whimsy and leave your guests in a dream-like daze throughout the night. 

Create a sweets table Willy Wonka himself would envy! You don’t need to have the table overflowing with expensive treats; mix decorations, homemade and catered sweets to create something unique and fun. Have your bridesmaids, mom and soon-to-be mother in law over for a fun day of baking, or take your soon-to-be hubby to taste some delicious treats with you. 
Whimsical Summer Wedding Pauline Dennigan (23)
Give your guests a little extra fun on the dance floor with accessories, masks or fun decorations to play with; creating a more memorable night for everyone. For Mad Hatter style provide each guests with a different hat to put on while they’re on the dance floor; for masquerade theme, do different masks (preferably with sparkle to reflect the romantic lights), and for your own unique theme think of something you enjoy doing as a couple and find a way to tie that in. Remember these little trinkets can double as favors too! 
Lace, pearl & rhinestone mask, gloves and gown... truly lovely! This would be amazing in a wedding in place of the bride's veil. Fascinating
To add that endearing whimsy to your ensemble, think pink! Blush is definitely on trend right now, featured by many designers like Martina Liana, Essense of Australia, Sophia Tolli and more! A very flattering shade on most skin tones, featured in many different cuts and styles, it can be played up as romantic, fun or even classic when styled and designed correctly. It is easily accessorized with brightly colored flowers or more neutral tones; it leaves room for your imagination and style to shine through. Blush has just enough character to add the final touch of whimsy to your whimsical theme!
Organza A-Line wedding dress from the Martina Liana collection features an asymmetrical ruched bodice, Diamante-encrusted cap illusion sleeves, and an embellished keyhole back.

In the Winter 2013 issue of The Knot magazine, makeup guru Bobbi Brown spills some of the best things a woman can have with her to look flawless that day.  Let’s take a look at a few!

Flawless Skin – Well, obviously!  If you have a great skin day, you will have a great makeup day.  Be sure to rest and drink lots of water to get that healthy glow!

Serenity – Take time out for yourself to decompress!  Drink your favorite tea or go to a mani/pedi session of pampering as a way to unwind.

A Fresh Flush – Don’t go heavy on the makeup on your wedding day, you don’t need that much!  The right application and products will go much farther in your photos than tons of heavy makeup.

A Pretty Decolletage – Blend, ladies, blend!  Make sure your foundation blends into the rest of your skin around your dress.

And her #1 Must-Have for your big day? CONFIDENCE!  You look amazing in your gown, and that feeling that you get when you put it on cannot be topped.  Own it!

For more flawless tips from Bobbi Brown, pick up your Winter 2013 edition of The Knot magazine today!

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